How do I choose the right size rug?

A difficulty our customers often face is choosing the right rug for their space. Rugs have an incredible ability to add cozy warmth, texture, and color to any room. But how do you know that a rug “fits” in a room until you see it in action? And what if you invest in an expensive rug only to find that it doesn't work in the room you bought it for? understands how difficult choosing a rug for your home can be. That is why we have designed our website to be the most customer-friendly anywhere online! First, we have customer service agents available 24/7 to help you choose the right rug. Then, we offer a "view in my room" option for many of our rugs that lets you visualize the rug in any room you choose. And finally, we offer free shipping and free 30-day returns so there is no risk involved when you purchase a rug from!

Now, to help our customers further, we want to provide you with the following sizing guide that you can use to realize rug-buying perfection.

How should a rug fit in a room?

The answer to this question is actually easier to figure out than you think. You should begin any rug-buying mission by measuring the area where you want your rug to go. That way you'll have a rough idea of the size rug you are going to need. But as we tell all of our customers: Your house, your rules. You are the final judge of what looks good in your home. The following are simply suggestions from experts about how they believe rugs should fit.

Dining Room Rugs

A good rule of thumb when choosing a dining room rug is to pick a rug that matches the shape of your dining room table. The table is the centerpiece of this room and you want to choose a rug that is going to complement that focal point.

To figure out the correct size rug for your dining room, pull out the dining room chairs so that they are the same distance away from the table as if someone were about to sit down. You want your dining room rug to be large enough so that each chair is still on it when someone pulls it out to sit down. That way, chairs are not catching on the rug when people scoot them in after sitting down.

Entryway Rugs

Entryway rugs should invite your guests into your home with a “wow!” But they shouldn't completely cover your floor. Begin by measuring your entryway and then decide how much floor you want to leave exposed. The typical amount of exposed floor is between 18” and 24”. This is how you will choose the right size rug for your entryway.

Try this Natural 2' 6 x 6' Hand Woven chunky Jute Runner Rug for your entryway. It's texture and beauty will welcome guests to your home while also standing up to the high foot traffic.

Living Room Rugs

Today's living rooms vary from the traditional to the eclectic or bohemian. Some spaces are open and some spaces are more confined. The goal of a living room rug is to serve as an anchor for the designated sitting area of the room.

You will want to choose a living room rug that will be able to rest under the front legs of all of the furniture in the sitting area of your living room. This is a good general rule because the rug will literally be anchored as it serves as the anchor for the rest of the decor.

Kitchen Rugs

Choosing the right rug for your kitchen can be difficult because the space is often limited. If you are choosing a rug for a breakfast nook, use the same rules in the dining room rug section. If you are choosing a runner rug for the space in your kitchen between the island and the sink, make sure you leave a few inches of floor exposed between the two spaces.

It is also important to choose a washable rug for the kitchen due to inevitable soiling and spills. And definitely invest in a good rug pad to prevent slipping!

Bedroom Rugs

Bedroom rugs can have an enlarging effect on your bedroom and they also provide comfort for your feet. The important thing to remember when choosing the right size bedroom rug is that you want to include all of the furniture in the bedroom, similar to the living room arrangement. When you are measuring for your bedroom rug, make sure the area is big enough to cover the head and foot of your bed and your nightstands on either side.

Another option for bedroom rugs is to put them beside the bed. Think of this as a comfortable landing area for your feet. Click here to see more information on placing your bedroom rugs.

Outdoor Rugs

Your patio is your outdoor living room and should be decorated as such. Outdoor rugs will fit on your patio as area rugs fit in your living room. If you want to add an expansive look to your patio, choose an outdoor rug that only two legs of your patio furniture rest on. If you want to anchor your patio with an outdoor rug, choose a rug size that will cover all 4 legs of your patio furniture.

“View in My Room” feature from

One of the coolest features we have on is the View in My Room* feature that lets you see our rugs in action. After you find a rug that you are interested in, click the button that says “see this in my room.” You will be directed to the feature that lets you either upload a picture of your room or see the rug in similar spaces.

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