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8x10 Dining Room Rugs

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  • size:8x10
  • rooms:Dining Room

8x10 Dining Room Rugs

Dining room rugs are essential to grounding the layout of your space. This is especially true in open floorplans where one space flows seamlessly into another. A good 8x10 dining room rug will help define the space its in like a picture frame and provide color and texture to the room.

A 8x10 dining room rug should follow the same basic sizing rules as a living room rug with special consideration given to the table and chairs. The legs of the chairs should comfortably fit on the rug, even when pulled out for people to sit down. This is a safety concern as well as a visual one—if the back legs come off the rug, your guests might tip over backwards! Some will argue it's a bad idea to put a rug in a dining room where spills are common and can be expected. These concerns are easily mitigated by choosing a low-pile rug with a more intricate pattern that will be easy to clean and hide any spills if they happen. It may also be a good idea to look for cheap dining room rugs so that if the worst happens, the loss is minimal.

At Rugs.com, we have thousands of 8x10 dining room rugs available in every size and style. Whether you are looking for a traditional rug for your formal dining room or a funky modern dining room rug for a contemporary space, you'll find the right one for you at Rugs.com. Browse our collection and find your perfect 8x10 rug today!