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The Complete Guide to Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Soft, sustainable, and durable natural fiber rugs are perennial favorites to professional and amateur interior designers alike. Especially popular in modern and coastal styles, the neutral color palettes and visual simplicity of jute and sisal rugs make them extremely versatile and easy additions to any space. This week, we’re focusing on these amazing articles of …

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Bohemian Style Rugs, Décor and Design: Style Series

For many, the words “bohemian” or “boho” represent more than a set of design or style guidelines. For these “true” bohemians, the aesthetic is reflective of a worldview that embraces creativity, expressiveness, and worldliness. Bohemian style is a multi-cultural melange of layered colors, patterns, and materials with few hard-and-fast rules to follow. To some degree, …

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