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Bohemian Style Rugs, Décor and Design: Style Series

For many, the words “bohemian” or “boho” represent more than a set of design or style guidelines. For these “true” bohemians, the aesthetic is reflective of a worldview that embraces creativity, expressiveness, and worldliness. Bohemian style is a multi-cultural melange of layered colors, patterns, and materials with few hard-and-fast rules to follow. To some degree, …

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Coastal Style Rugs and Decor: Style Series

Say the word “coastal” and you might already have visions of seashells and sailboats dancing in your head. However, with the rise of modern coastal design, that couldn’t be farther from the truth! These days, coastal design is less about kitschy décor like “beach this way” signs and more about taking cues from the natural …

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