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The Perfect Rugs for Fall

As much as we will miss summer and all of its fun, we absolutely love welcoming the fall season into our homes. Something about the chilly air and changing leaves makes us want to enjoy the coziest of seasons by a roaring fire. 

Fall is here, which means it is the perfect time to refresh your home’s decor with autumnal colors. Have a look at our Fall Favorites. There, you will find our favorite rugs to welcome the new season into your home. 

Follow along for more of the perfect rugs for fall…


Pair with your fall decor 


There is a reason we spend so much time readying our homes for the fall season. As temperatures turn cooler, we spend more time together indoors. Now is the time to put your summer rugs into storage and roll out your new fall rugs, just in time for the holidays ahead. 


A great start to selecting the best fall rugs for your home is to establish a color palette and the accessory pieces first, then choose a rug that matches. Many of our customers love to feature gourds, pumpkins, colorful turkeys, horns of plenty, and other autumn-themed pieces in their living space. Your rugs will serve as a backdrop to this decor, so we recommend pairing them together for a cohesive look.


Browse Fall Colors We Love to find rugs with similar colors to your fall decor. Remember, Rugs.com provides free 30-day returns, so if your choice isn’t the best fit, send it back to us at no charge!


Welcome the colors of autumn

Leaf-peepers know, the colors of autumn are stunning, especially when they fill a mountain valley or dot the countryside. You should welcome the colors of fall into your home with open arms. Embrace the beautiful browns, reds, terracottas, and yellows you see in the trees and feature them throughout your home. 


For instance, the primary color of this Orange 10 x 16 Sevilla Rug is orange, but it also features additional fall colors such as gold and hunter green. This rug would be the perfect complement to your Thanksgiving table. 


It is also important to incorporate some bright colors into your home this fall to prepare for the gloomy days of winter. Bright colors remind us of the warm days ahead. Rugs like this Rust Red 5′ x 8’ Azalea Oval Rug placed in your breakfast nook will leave you feeling cozy, while reminding you that spring is just around the corner. 


Time to get cozy and comfortable


As the weather cools down, we naturally want to spend more time indoors. The fall season means football on TV and a roaring fire in the fireplace. It also means spending quality time with family and friends. Your fall decor should incorporate cozy textures and comfy materials to make everyone feel welcome in your home this fall. 


Wool is the most obvious go-to material for cozy fall rugs as it provides a soft, warm, and comfortable feel. Most of our wool rugs are vintage and hand-knotted, which means they are more expensive than most other rugs in our collections. There are exceptions, however, like this Gold 8′ x 11′ Hand Knotted Solid Gabbeh Wool Rug. This rug features a perfect fall color and cozy feel you are looking for in a fall rug. It is also handmade, but reasonably priced. 


Another great cozy material for fall that will not break the bank is a synthetic material like polypropylene. This material mimics the softness of wool. Try this Blue 5’ x 8’ Derbyshire Rug by the fireplace and watch as your family flocks to it on those chilly nights.


Some of our favorite fall collections


Jill Zarin Uptown Collection features fall rugs designed by the real housewife herself! See how uptown Manhattan decorates their homes for the fall season in this amazing collection. 


Mood Persian Collection is a collection of beautiful vintage rugs made by Persian master weavers. If you are looking to invest in a high quality piece this season, these rugs will certainly be a conversation starter throughout the holidays.


Alexis Collection features rugs for every budget and style. Welcome fall into your entryway with one of these beautiful, durable, and easily-cleaned rugs. 


Find all your fall rugs at Rugs.com!


Are you still searching for the perfect fall rug? Rugs.com has over 100,000 rugs to choose from and we are certain you will find the rug you are looking for and more. If you have questions about how to fill spaces in your home this season, our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions. Contact us!


Happy fall season from Rugs.com!


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