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New Eco Plaid Rug Collection is Washable and 100% Recycled

New Eco Plaid Rug Collection is Washable and 100% Recycled

Rugs.com is excited to introduce a new collection of rugs called Eco Plaid to its customers in 2022. This collection of exquisite rugs features a few different colorways and 11 different sizes to fit any decorating style and living space. What sets this new collection apart from any other is the rugs are made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 


Eco Plaid rugs are versatile in their applications around your home, working in both outdoor and indoor settings. They are also machine washable and stain resistant, so you can feel comfortable featuring them anywhere.


Below, we will discuss the various features of our new Eco Plaid rugs and introduce a few styles to get you started. 


Eco Plaid rugs have the softness and durability of wool

Typically, rugs made from 100% recycled bottles are stiff and hard to the touch. This is fine for patios and outdoor settings, but what if you want an eco-friendly rug indoors? 


Eco Plaid rugs have the softness and durability of wool, so they are soft to the touch. You can use them just as easily in playrooms as you can outdoors by the pool. Imagine placing this Navy Blue 5’ 3 x 8’ Washable Eco Plaid Indoor Outdoor Rug in your nursery, kitchen, or bedroom. It is soft underfoot, durable, washable, and stain resistant. It will also stand up to the elements, so you can feature it on your patio or deck. 


The versatility of the Eco Plaid rug collection makes these rugs a must have for any home, anywhere, for any use. 


Pet-friendly rugs

Our Eco Plaid rugs may be the most pet-friendly rugs we have in our store. Your furry friends are members of your family, and they deserve a comfortable rug to walk and sit on just like you. But as dog parents know, our pets can sometimes make a mess, and they do share our respect for fine Persian rugs.


Eco Plaid rugs are easy to clean and will stand up to all the dirt and debris your pets can throw at them. The stain-resistant nature of these 100% recycled plastic rugs will prevent paw tracks from ruining the brightness of the colors. And, if your pet should leave a mess you cannot simply vacuum off, you can toss these rugs into your washing machine. 


You won’t need to worry about your pets ruining the area rug when you feature this Pink 7’ 10 x 7’ 10 Washable Eco Plaid Indoor Outdoor Square Rug in your living room. They will not want to jump on the couch when the rug is this comfy (yeah right!).  


Outdoor rug in summer, indoor in winter

Again, the versatility of the Eco plaid rug collection is unrivaled. Many of our customers live in places where you need to store all of your outdoor rugs during the winter. When you use an Eco Plaid rug, like this Gray 9’ x 12’ Washable Eco Plaid indoor Outdoor Rug on your patio in the summer, you can simply wash it and use it indoors during the winter. 


We suggest using one of these rugs in your outdoor seating area in the summer months, and then in the mud room during the winter months. That way, you can free up some storage space and utilize your beautiful Rugs.com rug all year long instead of just for the summer months. 


100% recycled plastic bottles Eco Plaid rugs work anywhere


Have we mentioned we are really excited about our new Eco Plaid rug collection? We think you will be too when you realize they have all these incredible features: 


  • Made from 100% recycled bottles
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Stain resistant 
  • Shed free
  • Pet friendly 
  • Mimics wool


Check out the new Eco Plaid rug collection today!  


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