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Braided jute coastal style rug in living room

Introducing Made to Measure Rugs from Rugs.com

Introducing Made to Measure Rugs from Rugs.com


Rugs.com is constantly looking for ways to innovate in order to better serve our customers. We are excited to announce we have added a custom rug option to our marketplace. There are currently 112 rug styles that now include a made-to-measure option that gives our customers the freedom to choose a custom rug shape and size to fit any living space. 


We know how frustrating it can be if you have a uniquely-sized room that simply will not fit the typical rug sizes. We know that you are constantly dealing with rugs too large for a space, have corners bent up against baseboards, or have rugs that are just too small. Our custom rug options will solve these issues and more by letting you create and order custom rugs sized perfectly for any living space. 


Learn more about our made to measure custom size rugs below. 


Choose the custom option for made-to-measure rugs


Rugs.com customers now have the option to order a custom-sized rug for 112 of our best-selling rug styles and patterns. What this means is your rug will not be woven or cut until you order it. Each custom rug option on our website will either be hand-woven or machine-made to your exact specifications. 


Custom orders will take longer than our other options because they are made to order. Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or cancellations on custom rugs, so please make sure you measure your space correctly and choose the right shape.


How do made-to-measure rugs work on Rugs.com?

To browse the 112 best-selling rugs on Rugs.com that are made to measure, simply search for the tag “custom” in our search bar. Then you can see all the rug styles available with the custom size option. 


Here is how the custom process works:


  1. Choose the style you want to customize.

Let’s use the example of this Ivory Custom Hand Woven Chunky Jute rug from Rugs.com. Scroll down to the sizing option and click on “custom.” You will be directed to the page where you can enter your custom sizing options. 


2.  Choose the shape.


Each rug will have different shape selection options. Our jute rug is rectangular in size, so the two options you have with this rug are rectangular and runner. 


3. Choose the width and length.


This is where you need to make sure you are measuring the space where you intend to feature your custom rug correctly. In previous blogs, we explained how to measure a space for a rug. Use this technique and make sure you select the correct width and length measurement in the boxes provided on the custom size rugs page. Again, we cannot offer cancellations or returns for custom rugs. 


Please note: There is a minimum and maximum size for custom rugs. 


4. Place your order!


Now that you have designed the perfect-sized hand-woven chunky jute rug to fit your living space, it is time to place your order! Please allow 10-14 weeks for custom-size rug orders because each one is custom-made.


Enjoy made to measure custom size rugs from Rugs.com


There are 112 rug styles currently on our website with a custom size option. That means that our bestselling rugs can now be custom made to fit almost any sized room, living room, bedroom, outdoor space, hallway, or entryway. 


Check out the made to measure rug options on our website and create the rug of your dreams!  



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