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How to Use a 6×9 Rug in Your Home

How to Use a 6×9 Rug in Your Home


Homes come in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes the rug you need isn’t a “traditional” size. The most common rug sizes purchased on Rugs.com are 5×8 and 7×10. But what if you need a rug that falls in between? Don’t worry! Rugs.com carries 6×9 rugs for those rooms that are too big or too small for the most common rug sizes. 


An exciting new feature on Rugs.com lets you see many of our rugs in a photo of your room that you upload. You can move the rug 360° and see how it looks under furniture. This “See in My Room” feature allows you to see the 6×9 rug you choose in action in your home. And, we offer free 30-day returns, so satisfaction is guaranteed. 


In this article, we are going to talk about 6×9 rugs, how to use them, and provide some beautiful examples from Rugs.com. 


How do you measure a room for a rug? 


Measuring a room for a rug is simple and it only requires a few tools. To measure a room for a rug, you will need: 


  • Painter’s tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen


Here are the steps for measuring a room for a rug:


  • Place furniture exactly how you want it.


  • If you are measuring for a dining room rug, pull out each chair as if someone is trying to sit down. You will want the pulled-out chair to still be covered by your dining room rug. 


  • For a living room rug, arrange your furniture normally.


  • Frame the area with the painter’s tape.


  • Make sure all furniture in a sitting area is touching the rug area.


  • Measure it out with the measuring tape.


  • Write down the dimensions.


Measuring an area for a rug is that simple. Don’t worry if you get a strange measurement and your space needs a 6×9 rug. Rugs.com has a huge selection of rugs that will fit. 

Uses for 6×9 rugs


The nice thing about 6×9 rugs is that they are rectangular and will match the typical shape of most living rooms, outdoor seating areas, and bedrooms. When you place your new rug in your living room, for instance, you will want the long edge to run parallel with the room or the largest piece of furniture. 


6×9 rugs are perfect for:


  • Layering
  • Smaller sized living room
  • Sitting room
  • Outdoor seating area
  • Bedroom




Layering is an exciting new trend in rug decorating. This technique layers a smaller rug on top of a larger rug to provide some texture and interesting color combinations to a room. Layering is a free expression of your personality as a decorator and homeowner, so feel free to experiment. Try out a few different combinations from Rugs.com like this Sandy Beige 6×9 Arlo Rug as a textured top piece for a larger area rug. 


Smaller Sized Living Room  


This Light Brown 6×9 Angelica Rug is the perfect addition to any smaller-sized living room. Its medium pile is soft and inviting and the subtle colors will highlight your furniture well. The border is symmetrical and will nicely frame a glass table. 


Rugs.com Note: Make sure you remember to purchase a rug pad with your 6×9 rug for safety. You can easily add a rug pad to any purchase in your cart!


Sitting Rooms


For sitting rooms and sunrooms, try this Blue 6×9 Amina Rug to add traditional style. The beautiful pattern and blue and gold coloring will be a conversation starter as you visit with friends. 


Outdoor Seating Areas


Arrange furniture in outdoor seating areas as you would your living room. When you measure for an outdoor rug, follow the same steps above and make sure the rug you purchase will cover the front legs of each piece of furniture. 


This Blue 6×9 Outdoor Border Rug will have the same effect outdoors as the living room rug mentioned above has indoors. Its simple pattern and beautiful blue color will make you want to spend more time outside this summer.   




One of the best ways to feature a 6×9 rug in your bedroom is at the foot of your bed. Take a picture of your bedroom to be uploaded to the “See in My Room” feature on Rugs.com. Then choose your favorite 6×9 rug and click that button and upload the picture. Then you can see how the 6×9 rug fits at the foot of your bed. 


Choose this Walnut 6×9 Pioneer Rug and see how it looks at the foot of your bed at every angle with the “See in My Room” feature button. 

Rugs.com has customer service agents available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Contact us today!

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