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Master Bedroom Rugs More Than Just for Under the Bed

Master Bedroom Rugs More Than Just for Under the Bed

We all want a comfortable place for our feet when we first step out of bed in the morning. An area rug that completely covers your bed and nightstands will provide the perfect landing place. But master bedroom rugs are more than just for under the bed. There are many places in the master bedroom that can and should feature rugs. Below we will discuss these places and include some excellent examples of master bedroom rugs from Rugs.com.


How should an area rug fit under the bed? 

Many of our customers ask us: How should an area rug fit under the bed? The answer to this question really depends on your space: 


If you have hard floors (no carpeting) in your master bedroom, then you will want to use an area rug that completely covers your bed to help muffle sound coming from floors below. The area rug should also be large enough to serve as a landing spot for your feet. 


If you have a bench at the foot of your bed and nightstands at the side, then you will want to choose an area rug that covers all of these items. By covering all of these items, the area rug will serve as an anchor and tie all of these things together in the master bedroom. 


If you have carpeting under your bed and you do not need to muffle sound, then you can choose to cover any or all parts of your bed, nightstands, etc, with an area rug. You can layer the rug so that it only covers the bottom half of your bed including the bench. Or you can choose an area rug that only covers the front half of your bed including the nightstands. 


Layering your master bedroom rug


Layering is a decorating technique that has become popular in recent years. It involves taking a smaller rug and layering it on top of a larger area rug. This causes an effect that adds texture, color, and style to the room. 


You can layer area rugs in your master bedroom to achieve this effect, either under your bed or in other areas. For instance, take this Blue 12×12 Aramis Square Rug and place it under your bed so that it covers your nightstands and bench. Then layer this Gray 6×9 Nyla Rug so that it covers the middle third of your bed just past the nightstand. Now you have an extra comfortable landing spot for your feet and some added texture and color for your master bedroom. 


Bathroom rugs


Just like in the kitchen, some of our customers wonder if it is okay to put a rug in their bathroom. Of course, it is! But you need to choose one that is water-resistant and use a rug pad underneath to prevent slipping. 


The space in your bathroom is probably limited, even in your master bathroom. Choose a rug that will leave some space between the rug and your baseboards like this Blue 2×10 Belize Outdoor Runner. It is water-resistant, easily cleaned, textured and comfortable enough to walk across with bare feet. Rugs.com simplifies the rug buying process and gives you an option to include a rug pad with your order as you check out. 


Walk-in closets need an area rug


If your master bedroom has a walk-in closet, then you should consider using an area rug or a runner rug in that space. Walk-in closets sometimes need a centerpiece to focus the eye and anchor the room, and a small area rug will achieve this.  


If your master bedroom closet is carpeted, choose an area rug that complements the color of the carpet. If your walk-in closet has a hard floor, then choose an area rug that will cover the open space in the walk-in closet. Make sure to use a rug pad with your closet rug if it has a hard floor to prevent slipping. 


This Blue 4×6 Highbury Rug should provide a stylish anchor for your master bedroom closet that will serve as a comfy place to stand while you pick out your look for the evening. 


Try a new master bedroom rug from Rugs.com

One of the best features on Rugs.com is the “See this in my room” feature that allows you to upload a photo of your master bedroom (or any room) and see many of our rugs in the room before making a purchase. Use this feature to test drive your favorite area rugs in your bedroom to see how the colors, shape and texture of the rug compliments the room. Then, you can order your master bedroom rug and test it out risk-free for 30 days with our free 30-day returns. 


Use this guide to choose the best master bedroom rug for your home. If you have any questions, our customer service representatives are available to you 24/7. And once you find the perfect rug for your master bedroom from Rugs.com, tag us on Instagram and show off your purchase @rugsdotcom!     

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