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A Rug Buying Guide for Pet Owners

Rug Buying Guide for Pet Owners

We all love our pets and we love our rugs. But sometimes they don’t make the best of friends. Our furry companions shed, chew, spew, and tinkle on our rugs without regard for fine craftsmanship. 


That is why pet owners need to choose their rugs wisely. Luckily for you, Rugs.com has an incredible selection of pet-friendly rugs in our inventory. You won’t need to sacrifice style or beauty just because you need a rug that can handle your dog or cat. We carry washable rugs that you and your pet will love. 


Use this Rugs.com buying guide for pet owners to find the best pet-friendly rug today. 


How to Choose a Pet-Friendly Rug


What to Avoid?


Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first. Rugs that aren’t so pet friendly are ones that can be ruined or damaged easily. These include:


  • Hand-made antique rugs 
  • Sisal or jute rugs (because they can absorb liquids and odors) 
  • Shag rugs
  • Rugs with fringe or tassels
  • Light color monochrome rugs


It is important that you be honest about your pet as you are choosing a pet-friendly rug. Does your pet chew things behind your back? Might they soil a rug? Do they track dirt and debris into your home? Are they excessive shedders? 


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to pick a rug from Rugs.com that has “washable” in the name or is mentioned in the description. These rugs are durable, stain-resistant, water-resistant, and easily cleaned. 


What makes a rug pet-friendly? 

Now that you understand what types of rugs pet owners should avoid, let’s get to the fun stuff. What makes a rug pet-friendly? There are a few characteristics that make a rug pet-friendly. The most important thing for pet owners to remember when choosing a rug is durability and washability. 


Below we will discuss some of the characteristics of pet-friendly rugs that you should look for.  



Most washable rugs are made from synthetic material or natural material that can be washed in a machine. The best pet-friendly rugs are also made from material that is durable and stain-resistant. 


Take this Peach and Blue 4×6 Sisu Rug as an example. It is machine-made using a synthetic material to mimic the pattern and style of an antique rug. But it is washable and durable enough to handle your pet. Your guests will never know that this washable rug was purchased because you are a pet owner; they will only notice its beautiful pattern and style. 




A washable rug that features dark colors is the best choice for pet owners. The darker colors will help to hide any soiling or stains that your pet might leave behind. This Black 6×9 Washable Mangata Rug is the perfect choice for someone with pets because it is dark colored and features an intricate pattern that will also help hide stains or soiling. 


Rugs.com Professional Tip: Match the color of your rug to the color of your pet’s fur. That way any shedding will blend into the rug.




For the same reason that you want to choose a dark-colored rug, pet owners will want to choose a rug that has detailed patterns. If staining is a real problem with your pet, then you might want to look at the outdoor rug options on Rugs.com because they are the most stain-resistant. Rugs like this Teal 5×8 Outdoor Lattice Rug have a detailed pattern and style that is perfect for pets. 


How to clean a pet-friendly rug

Many of our customers want to know the best way to clean their rugs. Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer questions just like this, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  


Here are the steps that every pet owner should take to clean their pet-friendly rug:


  1. Address the stain or soiling immediately

Stains that are allowed to linger can become ingrained in the rug even if it is stain-resistant. Address the problems immediately to avoid permanent damage to your rug


2. Blot, don’t rub


Take an absorbent cloth and blot the stain. Never rub a stain because that can do further damage to your rug. 


3. Vacuum your pet-friendly rug regularly


Regular vacuuming will help keep pet hair and dander from accumulating on your rug. Washable rugs are easily vacuumed because they typically feature a low pile.


4. Toss it into the machine


The best feature of Rugs.com washable rugs is that you can simply toss them in the washing machine anytime they get soiled by your pets. 


Rugs.com is your home for pet-friendly washable rugs. Check out our incredible selection and purchase yours today.   






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