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The Best New Kids Area Rugs

The Best New Kids Area Rugs

Rugs.com recently released a new collection of rugs that are specifically designed for kids rooms and playrooms. This collection is called the Whimsy Collection, and it features the best new kids area rugs available anywhere in 2022.


If you are a new parent decorating a nursery or if you have young children that need a soft, yet durable rug for their playroom, the Whimsy Collection was designed with you in mind. This collection of kids area rugs features fun and playful patterns and colors that will match basically any decorating style. Each rug depicts fun animals like llamas, tiger cubs, unicorns, and other scenes that are soothing and enjoyable for babies and toddlers.


Below we will discuss the Whimsy Collection and why they are the best new kids area rugs from Rugs.com


Best material for kids area rugs  


The Whimsy Collection is made from 100% polypropylene, which is the best synthetic material for kids rooms for a number of reasons. Also called “olefin,” polypropylene is a synthetic material that can withstand heavy use and has a soft, plush feel. 


Here are a few more reasons polypropylene is the best material for kids area rugs:


  • Machine-made: Machine-made rugs are more affordable
  • Natural look and feel: Polypropylene closely imitates wool and has a similar look and feel to natural fiber
  • Stain-resistant: Polypropylene is naturally stain-resistant and water-resistant, making this material easy to clean and perfect for kids rooms


How to clean Whimsy Collection rugs: Rugs that are specially-designed for kids rooms need to be stain-resistant and easy to clean. Whimsy Collection rugs are just that. Vacuum these rugs regularly to limit soiling and dirt accumulation. If there is a spill, blot with a cloth until dry. 


Choose the right shape for kids room rugs

When choosing the right shape for kids room rugs, it is important to try and match the shape of the room, or the furniture contained in the room. 


The Whimsy Collection comes in three main shapes: 



Round rugs will work great to differentiate one area of your nursery from another. If there is a rocking chair or seating area separate from the crib and changing area, try using a Whimsy Collection round rug as an accent. 


Most nurseries and kids rooms are rectangular or square, so choose a kids area rug that resembles the shape of the room. And don’t be afraid to place a rug over carpet or another rug in your kids room. This is called layering and it is a very popular decorating style. 


Runner rugs from the Whimsy Collection work well between crib and changing areas, down hallways leading to kids rooms, or alongside bunk beds or cribs. This fun and comfortable Ivory 2’ 2×6’ Whimsy Runner Rug will provide a soft landing place for kids’ feet as they step out of bed in the morning. 


Decorate kids rooms with fun colors


Kids rooms should be decorated with soft pastel colors that are fun and comforting to young eyes. The Whimsy Collection comes in a few main colors:

  • Ivory
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Teal
  • Multicolor


These colors are perfect for decorating kids rooms because they are playful and feature simple patterns. The characters depicted in this collection can be named by kids and will serve as early companions. 


There are also kid-specific scenes depicted in the Whimsy Collection that will provide the perfect play place for boys and girls. This Teal 7’ 10×7’ 10 Whimsy Round Rug features dump trucks at work on a job site. The soft feel and durable nature of the polypropylene material is great for kids rooms and the scene will encourage their imagination as they play on this rug.


The multicolor selections in the Whimsy Collection will match almost any decorating style. This Multicolor 7’ 10×10’ Whimsy Rug depicts various flying machines like a hot air balloon, helicopter, and airplane. Your kids will be thinking of flying as they play on this kids area rug. 


Choose Rugs.com for kids rugs and more

We are so excited to bring you the Whimsy Collection of kids area rugs. Designed with kids rooms in mind, this collection of rugs will make a great addition to your playroom, nursery, or kids room. 


As always, Rugs.com provides free shipping and free returns up to 30 days on all our rugs. Order your new Whimsy Collection rugs today. 


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