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How to Reinvent Your Outdoor Space For Summer

How to Reinvent Your Outdoor Space For Summer


If you are like us, you are ready for a change this summer. We cannot wait to hold outdoor parties and lounge by the pool with friends like we used to do. But, if you are also like us, you have been looking at your outdoor space for the last two years and thinking that it needs to be reinvented. 


Outdoor spaces have become more than just a patio or deck. They have become an extension of the home, a place to get some sun and escape. So they need to be decorated like living rooms where space is defined and comfort is maximized. The best way to do both of these things is with an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs today are as colorful, textured, and comfy as indoor area rugs. 


As we all prepare for a great summer season, we thought that you could use a quick guide about how to use outdoor rugs that included some examples that you can use to reinvent your outdoor space for summer. 


Outdoor spaces are valuable


As kids, we all cherished the backyard because it was a place where we could play and experience life outside. The last few years have brought us back there with a reminder of how valuable outdoor spaces can be. That is why you should treat your backyard, patio, deck, porch, or pool as if it were another room in your home and decorate it accordingly. 


Outdoor rugs will add distinction to your outside seating area. When choosing an outdoor rug, the same principles for choosing an indoor rug remain like making sure the rug is big enough to be anchored under the front legs of furniture. You will also want to choose an outdoor rug that mirrors the shape of any table it is under, or the shape in which the furniture is arranged. 


With thousands of outdoor rugs to choose from, Rugs.com is your one-stop shop for rugs this summer. 


Where do outdoor rugs fit best


Our customer service agents get asked this question all the time. The true answer is outdoor rugs fit anywhere you would like to use them. We had one customer recently tell us that she loves using this Blue 6’x9’ Belize Outdoor Rug on her dock because it provides a comfortable and colorful place for her kids to towel off after swimming. Our outdoor rugs are durable and designed with the elements in mind, so you can truly use them anywhere outside. It is important to spray them off when they get soiled, store them in snowy conditions, and make sure they don’t stay wet for long periods of time. 

Here are some great places to use outdoor rugs to reinvent your outdoor space this summer:


On the pool deck

Like the customer in the example above, outdoor rugs can look great by the pool. They can define a seating area if you have patio furniture, or they can be used as a comfortable place to sunbathe or dry off after swimming. Kids love the colors and design of this Gray 9’x12’ Aruba Outdoor Rug because it is playful and fun. That is exactly the feeling you by the pool. 


By the bbq


Any grill master will tell you that it can be tedious standing by the grill for hours flipping burgers during a pool party. Loafers or bare feet just don’t provide enough cushion for the chef. That is why many of our customers choose to place a small outdoor rug by the bbq for comfort. 


None of our outdoor rugs say, “Kiss the Chef,” but maybe they should. Instead, you can use this Charcoal 4’x6’ Outdoor Lattice Rug by the bbq. Its muted colors and simple pattern will help define the grilling area while also hiding any stains or spills. 


Get interesting on the patio


One of the most popular collections of outdoor rugs from Rugs.com is our Outdoor Aztec Rugs. This collection will make a bland patio instantly interesting with bright colors and traditional patterns. You don’t have to be in the southwest to enjoy these rugs. They will work to define your seating area with textures and character. 


There are many incredible outdoor rugs in this collection, but one of our favorites has to be this Green 3’ 3×5’ 3 Outdoor Aztec Oval Rug because it features natural colors that will match your garden or yard. This rug is also perfect for you if your patio furniture has earth tones and is made out of wood or wicker. 


It is time to get outdoors this summer


It is time for us all to get outdoors this summer and spend the season with family and friends. The outdoor rugs featured in this article, or the thousands of others on Rugs.com, will be a conversation starter at any party. After your rug arrives and is installed, you will be proud to show off your reinvented outdoor spaces. 


Check out Rugs.com for all of our outdoor rug collections and get your home ready for the summer season! 



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