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A Buying Guide to Printed Rugs

A Buying Guide to Printed Rugs


Few rug types are as versatile and diverse as the printed rug collections on Rugs.com. “Printed” means that the rug is machine-woven and then printed. There are limitless patterns and color combinations available in printed rugs because they are essentially silkscreen prints on a blank rug. 


Printed rugs are easy to care for, durable, and will match any decorating style. They are made from 100% cotton, so they are soft underfoot, which is great for the bedroom or bathroom. Rugs.com has eight collections of printed rugs available on our website. To help you choose the right one for your home, below is a buying guide to printed rugs. 


Timeless printed rugs mimic antique patterns

 Printed rugs are an affordable alternative to antique rugs because they mimic traditional patterns without a high cost. The Timeless collection of printed rugs on Rugs.com does just that. 


We all dream of owning an Oriental or Persian rug in our home, but they are expensive and require delicate care. Instead, you can purchase a printed rug like this Red 5’x8’ Timeless Rug that mimics an antique pattern, but is affordable and durable. Great for high-traffic areas, this rug is washable and versatile. Rugs like this one and the others in our Timeless collection will add traditional beauty and color to any room. 


Asha printed rugs bring a modern style


The most impressive quality of our printed rugs is their versatility. The previous collection reintroduced antique patterns using modern technology. The Asha collection uses the same technology to bring modern style to your home. Each color combination and pattern in this collection is visually pleasing in a way that only printed rugs can deliver. 


This Multicolor 6’x9’ Asha Rug will add interest and flair to any room that features it. Its durability and non-slip backing make this rug an easy fit anywhere. If you are looking for an area rug for the living room that is slightly outside the box, then this rug or the others in our Asha collection will meet your needs. 


Sisu printed rugs for high-traffic areas

Homeowners are always looking for rug options for high-traffic areas of their homes. They want something beautiful and stylish that will also hold up against the wear they experience in entryways, hallways, mudrooms, and kitchens. Printed rugs are the way to go in high-traffic areas because they are durable, washable, and stylish. 

The Sisu collection of printed rugs on Rugs.com is the first place you should look for great high-traffic area rugs. Check out this review from one of our customers of the Sandy and Ivory 2’7×14’ Sisu Runner Rug:


“Love this as my kitchen runner. It is so easy to vacuum and get the stains out AND it looks great. Comfortable to walk on also.”


We love reading reviews like this because it means our customers got exactly what they were looking for from one of our rugs. If you are looking for the perfect runner for your kitchen, you should try out this printed rug!


Free 30-day returns on printed rugs


Satisfaction is guaranteed when you purchase a rug from Rugs.com because we offer the best return policy anywhere. All of our rugs include a free 30-day return period. This means that you can test drive any of our printed rugs or rugs from our other collections risk-free in your home for 30 days to see how you like them.  


Printed rugs from Rugs.com come in the widest variety of colors and patterns. You are sure to find a rug that fits your home when you shop Rugs.com!





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