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Office Rug

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Office Rug

Choosing the best office rug for your space is one of the main elements in setting the tone and style for your home office.


Office rugs today come in many shapes, sizes, materials and styles to bring warmth, comfort and needed acoustic control to your office. There are many possibilities and options to consider when choosing an office rug so let’s discuss the choices.


Benefits of an office rug include:

  • Easy option to update your décor
  • Minimize echo and absorb sound from wood and tile floors
  • Help insulate the office and stabilize heating and cooling


Size of Office Rug

One of the first considerations for choosing your office rug is what size it will be. Standard office rugs come in various sizes from the smallest to the largest office space, including:

Office Rug

  • 4×6 – 5×8 rug
  • 6×9 – 7×10 rug
  • 8×10 – 8×11 rug
  • 9×12 – 10×13 rug
  • Oversized office rug


Determining the size of your office rug begins by understanding your needs. If you want a rug purely for decorative reasons, the size should fit your décor idea. For example, you may wish to have a small round rug for a seating area, a large rug for under the desk and chair, or you may want it to be almost wall-to-wall.


  • If you want the office rug under the desk, ensure that it is large enough for the desk and all chairs to be comfortably on the rug even when pushed out.
  • The rug should entirely cover all seats with a minimum of three inches extra around the parameter for a seating area.
  • For a rug to fill the room, leave just three inches from the carpet and the walls or furniture it borders.



An important consideration for an office rug is the material it’s made from, especially if you plan to have it around your desk. An office rug around a desk should allow your chair to move freely. To do that, it needs to be a low or thin pile.


A low or short cut-pile rug is less plush and bulky than its counterparts. They’re often seen in spaces with higher traffic, but that doesn’t make them less luxurious or plain. Low pile rugs are just as, if not more chic, than plush alternatives.


Carpet Pile Basics

Carpet piles can be short and sparse or thick and or long fibers. Low pile carpet is perfect for offices because it allows furniture to move freely, is low risk as a trip hazard, and doesn’t show marks from furniture.


These rug types include tufted, looped or woven constructions. Tufted rugs are often machine-made of loops of fiber pulled through a backing material then cut to length to create a smooth, even look. If you decide on this type, you’ll want it to be a short pile.


Looped or Berber-style office rugs are made with a looped construction versus a cut fiber. Loops can be of various designs and heights, but for an office rug, you’ll want a low, level loop. This affordable rug is a good choice when you need a large area rug.


A woven office rug is often handmade and can even be a quality heirloom rug. It is the most expensive and durable option. Woven rugs are low pile rugs made with fibers that are hand-knotted into place one by one. These rugs look and feel more luxurious than other options and are also used as throw rugs.


Office Rug Design

Office rugs, like any area rug, are much more than a functional decision. It’s also a style consideration. The rug you choose says something about the way you work or do business. Consider:


  • Color – blend in or stand out
  • Shape – square, rectangle, circle or other
  • Texture – plush, thin, soft, rough
  • Design – simple one color or a dramatic pattern


Whichever type of rug you choose, ensure that it first fits your function, then makes an impact by showcasing your style and way of working. We have the widest variety of office rugs in all the colors, shapes, textures and styles to fit your needs. Check out our collection at Rugs.com.

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