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Should You Use a Rug on Carpet? 

Should You Use a Rug on Carpet? 


Layering a rug on carpet might seem like a strange practice to some. People do wonder if it is even okay to put an area rug on carpet. Actually, there are many reasons why you should layer a rug on top of a carpet. 


Can you put a rug on carpet?


Carpet is essentially a textured floor that is strictly functional. Wall-to-wall carpeting appears more often in rental homes and apartments that need a neutral floor to dampen sound and to be durable. But the color scheme and design options for a room with cream-colored carpet and white walls leaves a lot to be desired. 


Enter area rugs. Adding a rug to a carpeted room will add some much needed character to your apartment. Rugs on carpet will also help protect expensive carpet and is a clever way to hide wear and tear.


Here are a few additional reasons why you should consider putting a rug on carpet:


  • You need to hide damage to your carpet
  • You have limited decorating choices
  • You need to add some color and texture to a room
  • You need to spruce up industrial apartment carpet
  • You need to protect expensive carpeting in high-traffic areas


Consider texture when using a rug on carpet


It is best to vary texture when placing a rug on carpet. If your carpet is short-pile or looped, then consider using an area rug. Choosing a rug that is plush will add some softness on top of the hard carpet. If your carpet has a lot of texture, then it is better to choose a rug that has a subtle texture, like a woven rug. 


Always remember your safety when choosing the best rug to put on carpet. It can be dangerous putting an area rug on long-pile or soft carpet because the rug will not have enough support. 


You should always use a rug pad under any rug to protect the carpet underneath and to prevent slipping. Another good safety measure is using rug tape or anchoring the rug under furniture.  


Choose Complementary Colors


Basic design principles still apply when choosing which rug to use on carpet. Typically, carpet in apartments or rental homes is a neutral color and can be boring. But adding a carpet that clashes with the color will not improve your apartment’s look. 


Placing a rug that compliments the color of the carpet will add symmetry to a room while also providing a spark of character. The purpose of doing this is to add to the room’s aesthetic, and the only way to do this is by choosing colors that look good together.    


If you are unsure what color rug will compliment your carpet, then ask your dealer for some design ideas. Many companies have online customer service chats that are very helpful.


Rug Size Matters


You do not want a small rug to float around a large, carpeted room like a lifeboat. When adding a rug to a room, it is important to choose a rug size that “fits” the room. This is true wherever you use a rug, not just when you use a rug on carpet. 


If you are using a rug to protect carpet in a high-traffic area like a hallway, then it still needs to fit the space. Leave a few inches of space between the rug and baseboards. And don’t forget about using a rug pad underneath for the reasons already mentioned. 


Patterns Don’t Mix 


Typically, rug patterns and carpet patterns do not mix. If your carpet is plain, then feel free to choose an area rug that has a distinct pattern. If your carpet has any sort of pattern at all, then it is best to choose a patternless rug to cover it. Let your eye be the judge, but in general you never want to mix patterns. 


Rugs Need Anchoring

Your safety cannot be stressed enough which is why rugs need to be anchored in some way. When using a rug on carpet, the material of the carpet needs to be firm enough to support the rug. If the materials do not compliment each other, then it is best not to use them together.

Rug on Carpet

Anchoring an area rug on carpet under the legs of a table or other furniture accomplishes two goals: safety and style. If a rug is properly sized for the room it is in, then anchoring like this should be no problem. 


If your rug cannot be anchored under a table or the legs of furniture, then you must use a rug pad underneath to prevent bunching and slipping. It is always best to use a rug pad in any situation to prevent damage to whatever is underneath the rug and to make sure that the rug is secured to the floor or carpet. 


Rugs on carpet add warmth to any room


Rugs are one of the most popular decorating accessories because they add warmth to any room. This is no different when using a rug on carpet. Rugs will also soften a space and add some color to rooms made dull by wall-to-wall carpet. Rugs will make a space look and feel more comfortable and inviting, too. 


If you have noisy downstairs neighbors, then adding a rug on carpet will help to muffle the sound coming up through the floor.   


Say yes to using a rug on carpet


Now that you know the many benefits of using a rug on carpet, it is time for you to choose the right one for your space. Consider the tips above when choosing a rug, but it is also important to pick the rug that you think is best. 

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