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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Seating Area


As the dog days of summer approach, people are dreaming about the perfect outdoor space. When curating your ideas for an outdoor seating area, do not forget about outdoor rugs. 


The outdoor rug market has recently experienced a boom because of good manufacturing and a variety of great options that are resistant to the elements. Outdoor rugs can bring together many outdoor spaces like a small balcony, patio, or screen porch. 


Below we will discuss the different ways rugs can be used outside to create the perfect outdoor seating area for summer and entertaining. 


Freshen up a small balcony with an outdoor rug


Small balconies add a sense of space to many apartments and townhomes. A small outdoor runner rug will add comfort and character to the limited space of a small balcony. 


Many balconies and small outdoor patios have a concrete base that collects a lot of dust and is uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet. The addition of an outdoor rug to your small balcony will create a clean and comfortable surface on which to walk. The short pile of the rug will resist dirt and dust collection. Your indoor floors will thank you, too, because the outdoor rug will prevent the tracking of dirt and dust inside. 


If you live in a hot and humid area, such as on the coast, it is important that you find an outdoor runner rug that is moisture resistant. This is necessary because otherwise mold and mildew could form. 


Add style to an outdoor BBQ with a patio rug


Paper plates and messy fingers are signatures of an outdoor bbq, but some people want to add a little style to their patio entertaining this summer. An outdoor area rug will do just that and will also add some protection to patio surfaces. 


A downside to patio furniture can be the loud scraping of chair feet on your patio surface. A solid outdoor area rug will protect your patio from dragging furniture and will provide comfort to your seating space. 


Outdoor area rugs come in many styles and colors that are sure to fit any decorating style. Your patio really is an outdoor living room that should use a rug to bring it all together. 


A Quick Tip: Be sure to check your outdoor area rug from time to time for any moisture that may be trapped underneath. Especially after a heavy summer thunderstorm, it might be necessary to move all the furniture off the rug and flip it over to let it completely dry. 


Screen porches still need a moisture-resistant outdoor rug


Screened-in porches may offer some shelter and protection from the elements, but you still need to use an outdoor rug in the seating area. Humidity and driving rain will still get inside your screen porch. That is why it is necessary to buy an outdoor rug that is mold, mildew, and moisture resistant. 


Few things are as relaxing as sitting in a rocking chair on a screen porch and watching a thunderstorm roll across the marsh at your beach house. But that rain and humidity will ruin an indoor rug. Outdoor rugs are made to defend against exposure to moisture and they will add a touch of indoor comfort outdoors, on your screen porch. 


Screen porches really are an extension of the inside of your home. Adding an outdoor rug to your porch will create a living room feel and a level of indoor comfort to the outside space. 


Jill Zarin has recently released an outdoor summer rug collection full of color and pattern choices that are perfect for your screen porch. rugs.com is running a sale all summer long and provides one-day shipping, so you can be enjoying your new outdoor rug on the screen porch as soon as tomorrow. 


Outdoor Rugs Even Work Poolside


Have you ever heard of a poolside outdoor rug? They have become a popular addition to poolside seating areas and on pool decks this summer. 


Adding an outdoor rug poolside will bring some much-needed style and color to the drab surface that surrounds your pool. It will also prevent damage to your pool deck from patio furniture. 


When you call the kids to get out of the pool and enjoy a slice of watermelon, this poolside rug will provide the perfect gathering place for wet bodies. Your outdoor rug should be water-resistant and able to handle a few kids that just got out of the pool. Just make sure it is able to completely dry after every busy pool party. 


Poolside rug maintenance is a breeze. Simply spray it off with the hose and let it dry in the sun for a few hours. If any spots or soiling need special attention, then spot-clean them with some rug-safe dish soap and then spray it off with the hose. 


Decorate your outdoor seating area with the perfect rug this summer


Hopefully now you see how important rugs are to making an outdoor seating area complete. These rugs will make any open-air seating area into an outdoor living room this summer. rugs.com has the selection and variety that will add that extra special touch to parties and BBQs. 


rugs.com is running a sale on outdoor rugs all summer long. Pair this with free 1-day shipping and you could be enjoying an outdoor rug as soon as tomorrow. And don’t forget to show off your great outdoor gathering on a great outdoor rug on Instagram @Rugsdotcom! 

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