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How to Use Small Rugs this Holiday Season

Using Small Rugs to Compliment Your Holiday Decor

You don’t need a bright, graphic print rug to display your holiday spirit. Neutral rugs work wonders in tying together holiday decorations and adding personality to an otherwise dull space. They’re often overlooked as holiday decorations, but a small floor covering makes decor appear more cohesive and well-planned.

The winter holidays typically coincide with the colors green, red, white, gold, silver, and even blue. When chosen correctly, rugs of these versatile colors can be used year-round and moved around the home to different rooms. Small rugs also make for easy storage, fitting in boxes nicely with the rest of the holiday decorations.

We’ve created a resourceful list providing ideas on using your small rugs this year. Add some cheer to your home for the holidays with these tips!

Shop Neutral Holiday Rugs

Enhance an entryway

One of the first things visitors notice when entering a home is the details in the entryway. You don’t need a loud and flashy seasonal rug to showcase your holiday spirit. A small, simple rug to compliment the rest of the room will tie together your decor and show that you’ve put in a bit of extra effort.

This small rug comes in various sizes including 3′ 3 x 5′ 3 and 2’ 2 x 3’, perfect for entryway and foyer floor coverings. It’s stain-resistant, easy to clean, and shed-proof ideal for busy foot-traffic areas near doors. Enjoy this rug in neutral and eye-catching colors like green, red, tan, purple, and white. Shop this rug here

Compliment the tree

If you bring a tree indoors during the winter, you probably do your best to make it an eye-catching centerpiece. Many people opt to put small trees in their bedrooms and staircase landings. A classy way to make these small trees shine is by complimenting them with a small red or classically-patterned rug. This small rug is another one that could be used any time of the year. The lattice pattern is timeless, elegant, and homey all in one package. Our favorite thing about this rug is that it comes in all sizes, from 2’ 2 x 3’ to 10’ 6 x 16’ 5, and even custom sizing. Match your large area rug with small accent rugs in nearby rooms! Shop the rug here 

Dazzle your dorm

Dorm rooms and small apartments have limited space for decor. Because

most of your
belongings are together in one room, bright colors can easily become overwhelming and mismatched. A small holiday-colored rug can showcase your spirit without overcrowding the small space.

This elegant white and gold rug is neutral enough to match classy holiday decorations without being too bold. It’s available in small sizes, ideal for dorm rooms or studio apartments. It’s also stain resistant and easy to clean, coming in handy for students with frequent company.

Rejoice with a runner

Hallways and foyers are so often forgotten when it comes to floor coverings. Runners provide a chance to show off your style and protect floors in high foot-traffic areas. During the holiday season, it’s nice to have a runner that matches the theme of your party or festivity!

This captivating runner is neutral enough to use year-round. With color options like this dusty rose, it’s versatile and matches other holiday themes, too! Along with being stain-resistant, it is actually eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials.


Our Top Rug Styling Tips

Classic, old-fashioned patterns

The holiday season is always accompanied by nostalgia. Employing old-fashioned patterns in your floor coverings harnesses these feelings and warms up a room – literally and figuratively. Small rugs are a great outlet for incorporating patterns without overdoing it. This plaid runner has that homestyle, country feel. It also comes in smaller rectangle sizes from 2’ x 2 to 5’ x 8’. We love this plaid rug because it’s machine washable, pet-friendly, and indoor/outdoor. What more could you ask for?

Small pops of red and green

A small touch of brightness is a great way to express your holiday cheer without going
overboard. Add a small vintage or holiday rug to your office, children’s room, closet, or small apartment as a way to sprinkle happiness throughout the home. A fluffy Morrocal wool rug like this is fun, comfy, and tiny enough to use in small areas. Bask in the luxury of hand-knotted Moroccan wool this winter while celebrating with loved ones.

Frequently forgotten areas

If you’re not an interior designer, you probably don’t realize how many areas can benefit from small rugs. Here are a few less common areas of the home where rugs make a huge difference:

● In front of the kitchen sink
● Layered on top of each other
● Hallways
● Each side of the bed
● Dining rooms
● Walk-in closets
● Along kitchen islands

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