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5 Easy Steps to Make Your New Rug Look Great

5 Easy Steps to Make Your New Rug Look Great


Congratulations on your rug purchase!  Use these steps to make your new rug look fabulous.  


Please don’t delay.  Start with Step 1 to better flatten your rug and make it part of your decor as soon as possible.


Follow these easy steps:

Step 1 – Open


Open and unroll your rug as soon as it arrives.  Give the rug air and avoid unnecessary wrinkles or creases by unrolling your rug immediately after opening. 


Step 2 – Flip


After unrolling your new rug, flip it over.  Tightly roll your rug the opposite way so the top is now facing out.  Keep your new rug rolled this way for a few minutes and unroll it before flipping it back over.  


Reverse rolling your rug this way allows any bent fibers to lay flat and smooth. 


Step 3 – Unroll your pad

Unroll your rug pad and place it where you want your new rug to lie on the floor. Next, place your rug over the rug pad so there is a ½ – 1” between the pad and the edge of the rug.  


Your rug pad is intended to keep your rug in place. It helps prevent slipping, curling around the edges, or wrinkles in the rug. 


Did you forget to buy a rug pad?  No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can shop for them here. 


Step 4 – Vacuum

Vacuum your freshly placed rug to remove excess fibers.


Step 5 – Position 

Position furniture or heavy objects evenly and firmly on your rug to help it lay flat around the edges. 


All finished!


Now, you’re set to have your rug and space look great. Enjoy!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your new rug.  It’s our honor to serve you and we thank you for choosing Rugs.com.

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