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Jill Zarin’s English Manor Rug Collection Inspires a Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

Jill Zarin’s English Manor Rug Collection Inspires a Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic


Jill Zarin finds inspiration for her rug collections in every corner of the earth as she travels the world. Her highly anticipated English Manor rug collection is now available on rugs.com and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to these incredible rugs.


Jill Zarin is much more than a Real Housewife. She designs rugs to match her elegant Manhattan lifestyle that are affordable and will fit any decorating style. Her new English Manor rug collection will add a touch of countryside chic to any room. Her goal was to create a luxury rug line at an affordable price point and that is exactly what she has done with this collection. 


English Manor rugs add affordable luxury to any room

Jill Zarin’s signature rugs are always chic and luxurious at an affordable price point. When asked about her favorite aspect of the English Manor collection, she spoke about the colors: 


“I love the color palette we chose. All of the colors add a cozy element to any room without being overpowering.”


Elegance and affordability are what drove Jill’s design inspiration for this collection. English Manors blend into the countryside seamlessly, just like every English Manor rug will blend into any home. 


Jill Zarin’s English Rose rug creates a feminine feel

What makes Jill Zarin special is her willingness to share how she styles her own rug collection in her homes. Whether it is in her Manhattan apartment or her vacation home in Boca Raton, Jill loves giving her fans a look at how she decorates: 


“This collection can work anywhere in the home. I have the English Rose pink rug in my living room. It adds a feminine touch to my NYC apartment with views of the Manhattan skyline. I have been keeping fresh pink flowers in the room that really makes the rug pop!”


The reason her English Manor collection is so popular on rugs.com is because it truly fits in any home in any room. Her rugs will spruce up a living room in the southwest just as easily as they will add a feminine feel to your walk-in closet in the northeast. 


The English Manor collection features 100% wool 

Jill Zarin meticulously chooses every aspect of her rug designs with purpose. She wanted to add texture and a certain feel to her English Manor collection, so she chose to make them all out of 100% wool:


“I chose 100% wool for this collection as the texture is so gorgeous and fits with the farmhouse aesthetic. As I build Jill Zarin Rugs I always want to offer something new. New colors, fabrics and textures.”


Jill wants her fans to look at the texture and colors of this rug collection. If you do, you will see that these rugs have a universal appeal that signifies her design style.


Jill Zarin’s rugs are perfect for pets

Jill Zarin never designs a rug collection without keeping her beloved dog Bossi in mind. A benefit to having Bossi as her muse is that her rugs are perfect for pets and pet owners: 


“Bossi loves my whole rug collection! She has been curling up and napping on my new English Manor rugs, so she’s definitely a fan! All of my rugs are pet friendly which is something I prioritised when developing the collection.”


Because English Manor rugs are made from natural wool, they are easy to clean and provide the perfect place for pets. 


Jill Notes: You should address any stain or soiling as soon as you can to prevent discoloration or damage to her rugs. 


Add modern English farmhouse style to your home today


Rugs.com is proud to offer Jill Zarin’s English Manor rug collection on our website. Everyone cannot travel to the English countryside like Jill, but they can add modern farmhouse style to any room: 


“I wanted to create a rug collection for the modern farmhouse aesthetic. I’ve always loved the English countryside and I have great memories there. Each rug is named after a tea so you can escape with all of your senses.”


If you are looking for an affordable rug for your home that creates a chic and luxurious feel, look no further than Jill Zarin’s English Manor collection on rugs.com. 


Rugs.com offers free one-day shipping so you can receive your rug as soon as tomorrow. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @rugsdotcom to show off your new English Manor rug!  



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