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Where 9×12 Rugs Fit in Your Home

Where 9×12 Rugs Fit in Your Home


One of the most difficult aspects of decorating is choosing items that fit in each room. One of the most versatile rug sizes is 9×12 because it matches the average shape and size of many rooms in the home. 


Most rooms are not perfectly square and you want a rug that will mirror the shape of the room you are decorating. It is important to choose a rug that is not too big or small for the space. Below we will discuss where 9×12 rugs fit in your home and provide you with some beautiful examples of 9×12 rugs that you can purchase today from Rugs.com. 


6 to 8 person dining room table and a 9×12 rug

Your dining room is a special place because it is where your family gathers for holidays. The center of a dining room is naturally the dining room table, but an area rug will be the anchor that your dining room table sits on. A 9×12 area rug perfectly fits a 6 to 8 person dining room table. 


How can you tell if a rug fits in your dining room? Here are a few tips: 


  • Chair legs should still be on the 9×12 rug when they are pulled out
  • If your dining room table has a leaf, fully extend it before measuring for an area rug
  • There should be some space between the walls of your dining room and the edge of the 9×12 rug
  • Your dining room rug should act as an anchor for the room, but it should not dominate the space


Here is an example of the perfect 9×12 area rug from Rugs.com for your dining room:


Beige 9’ x 12’ Kashkuli Gabbeh Rug: This rug has neutral colors and a simple border pattern that will match most dining room styles. It’s distinct enough to draw attention to your dining room table but will not dominate the room. 


9×12 rug makes a perfect living room centerpiece


There is a simple question you should ask when choosing a rug for your living room: Is it big enough for all your furniture? Placing all of your living room furniture at least partially on the rug makes the area more welcoming and complete. 9×12 rugs will accomplish this perfectly in medium-sized living rooms. 


If your living room is more spacious, then you can use the 9×12 rug in the siting area only. This will define the separate spaces in living rooms that are open-area or large. Also remember to choose a rug that matches the style and color of the room and that will complete the space. 


This Purple 9’ x 12” Lattice Rug from Rugs.com will add the proper amount of flare to your living room without dominating the style. It features a simple pattern and dark coloring. 


9×12 shag rug fits under a king sized bed

Imagine waking up in your master bedroom and placing your feet on a comfy 9×12 shag rug at the foot of your bed. This is the perfect size rug to fit under a king bed because it will leave enough space on either side as a landing area. 


9×12 shag rugs are back in style on Rugs.com. Fiber technology and careful manufacturing have made this retro-style rug new again. Try this Pure Ivory 9’x12” Moroccan Shag Rug from Rugs.com under your bed. Your feet will appreciate the soft feel and your eyes will love its subtle color tone. 


Other 9×12 rug ideas for your home



9×12 outdoor rugs are stain resistant, durable, washable and will highlight any porch or poolside area. Anchor your outdoor seating area with this rug or use it in the mudroom: Charcoal 9’ x 12” Belize Outdoor Rug




A new decorating style that involves rugs is called layering. This is where you take a smaller rug and place it on top of a larger one to add texture to a room. 9×12 rugs are perfect for both the larger or smaller rug when layering. Try this Natural 9×12 Braided Jute Rug  as the base when layering in your living room. 




If your home has a large breakfast nook, then you can define separate areas with a 9×12 rug like this Peach and Blue 9’ 2 x 12 Sisu Washable Rug. It is durable and can handle minor staining. When it needs a wash, just throw it in your machine. 


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