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Modern Rugs that will Trend on Rugs.com in 2022

Modern Rugs that will Trend on Rugs.com in 2022

The extensive inventory and exceptional customer base of Rugs.com allows us to anticipate popular trends in rugs before they are widely known. “Modern rugs” is a catch-all term that includes vintage rugs, retro rug styles like shag rugs, and rug styles that are modern because they are new.


The new year brings new beginnings for our customers and that means new rugs! Below is a guide to the modern rugs that will be popular this year. We also include design trends that incorporate modern rugs and examples of modern rugs from Rugs.com that you can purchase and have in your home as soon as tomorrow. 


Design trends that use modern rugs



An interesting design trend that has become popular in the last few years is called “layering.” This is when homeowners place a smaller rug on top of a larger rug to add texture and to blend styles, shapes and colors. Layering provides a great opportunity to express your creativity and experiment with different rug combinations. 


Maybe you want to feature an oriental rug in a space but you only have a small one, such as this Green 4×6 Kazak Oriental Rug. Layering will allow you to feature this rug in a bigger space by placing it on top of a large area rug. If you are layering with modern rugs, you would pair this small oriental rug with something like this Natural 9×12 Braided Jute Rug. The natural fibers and colors will blend nicely with the intricate design of the oriental rug, allowing it to pop in the room without looking too small for the space. 


Natural Fibers and Colors

In 2022 more and more people want to reflect the natural world inside their homes. This means using modern rugs made from natural fibers with earth tones and neutral colors. Jute and cotton rugs have become two of the most popular rug materials on Rugs.com for this very reason. 


Items such as this Beige 8×10 Chindi Cotton Rug are perfect for the eco-conscious buyer because it is made from 90% cotton and the coloring is natural. It is affordable and will blend into any room. 


Washable and Durable Rugs

Washable Rug

Practicality is another modern rugs trend for 2022. People have all spent a lot of time at home these past few years which has allowed many of them to take a closer look at their rugs. The goal of any home decorator is to fill space with rugs that are beautiful and will act as an anchor for the room. But, many have also decided that rugs need to be practical to justify their use. This means utilizing modern rugs that are washable and durable. 


Washable rugs create a sense of ease because you know that if they get stained or soiled, then you can simply toss them into your machine to clean them. Washable rugs are also durable, so they can stand up to heavy foot traffic from humans and pets. Outdoor rugs are popular to use inside the home in places such as a mudroom because they are durable and washable. 


This Black 5×5 Outdoor Border Round Rug can be used to differentiate your breakfast nook from your open-space kitchen. It will match the shape of your table and will easily hide minor spills and stains. And the best part is this rug is durable and easily washable. 


Modern rugs in unique places in 2022

layered vintage rugs

One of our favorite trends in 2022 is using modern rugs in unique places. Many of our customers are putting rugs in the kitchen, in bathrooms, covered decks, and in places that even we didn’t think was possible. 


When you think Moroccan rugs you wouldn’t think “modern,” but in 2022 that is exactly what they are. Many Rugs.com customers are purchasing Moroccan rugs to use in unique places such as the home office. Our Red 4×7 Moroccan Rug will add hand-knotted style and a burst of color to your work nook or to the kitchen. 


We love hearing about where our customers are using the rugs they purchase from Rugs.com. Please let us know in the comments and in your incredible customer reviews where you are enjoying your Rugs.com purchases! 


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