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Are Moroccan Rugs More Popular than Ever?

Are Moroccan Rugs More Popular than Ever?


Moroccan rugs are enjoying a renaissance due to social media and sites like Rugs.com. Although expensive, Moroccan rugs are more available and more popular than ever before. There are also some high-quality machine-made Moroccan-style rugs that are readily available and more affordable than the real thing.


Moroccan rugs exhibit handmade craftsmanship of the tribes that have specialized in making them for centuries. They add intricate style and traditional feel to any room that features them. There are different kinds and styles of Moroccan rugs that you should be familiar with before investing in one. Below is a guide to the different Moroccan rugs you can purchase for your home from Rugs.com.


Styles of Moroccan rugs that are trending


Moroccan rugs are special because they never fail to impress. Owners of Moroccan rugs love them for their ability to instantly refresh the style of any room. They are both trendy and traditional at the same time. They will fit anywhere and are a perfect anchor for any room that subscribes to a Bohemian design style. 


One reason for the return of Moroccan rug popularity is people love to show their purchases off on social media. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook all have thousands of Moroccan rug hashtags. Here are some of the different styles of Moroccan rugs people love to brag about:


  • Shag Moroccan rugs: Monochrome and cozy
  • Kilims: Colorful and intricate
  • Flatweaves: Traditional patterns
  • Berber: Comfortable and unique 
  • Machine-made: Affordable and stylish


Flatweave Moroccan rugs make a great first impression 

Our customers often tell us how wonderful their flatweave Moroccan rugs perform in entryways. These are durable rugs that work well in high-traffic areas. They include traditional patterns and stunning colors that make the perfect first impression for your guests. 


This Ivory 6’x11’ Hand Knotted Moroccan Wool Rug will absolutely stun your visitors as they walk through the front door. The rest of your home will have difficulty living up to the simple pattern and stunning quality of this Moroccan rug. 


Kilim rugs represent Moroccan heritage with intricate patterns

Kilim Moroccan rugs are pileless and are made using many flatweaving techniques to create unique, colorful designs. The word “kilim” is of Turkish origin meaning “rug of many uses.” They are known for having bold, sharp patterns that include many geometric shapes.  


Kilim Moroccan rugs like this Orange 5’x6’ 6” Hand Woven Kilim Waziri Wool Rug are cherished by collectors and designers because of their stunning patterns and colors. They will become an instant focal point of any room. They are perfect for layering on top of a larger rug in your living room or adding a special touch to your sitting room. 


Moroccan rugs were made for Bohemian design style

“Bohemian design” refers to a popular trend that follows no rules. It allows for an unlimited combination of textures, colors, styles and anything else the homeowner desires. Moroccan rugs were seemingly made for Bohemian design because they will fit anywhere. As soon as someone sees a Moroccan rug, they know exactly what it is and why it is there. 


Moroccan rugs are unique and romantic. They celebrate artistic tradition in a way that few things do today. Bohemian rugs represent the creativity of the artist and the owner. Consider this Multicolor 5’x8’ Hand Knotted Moroccan Wool Rug. Talk about a conversation starter! This rug is interesting, beautiful and combines many different colors and patterns; the perfect addition to any Bohemian-style room. 


Affordable Moroccan rugs are high-quality options

Rugs that are handwoven by craftsmen are expensive. This is what makes Moroccan rugs special, but it is also what makes them unavailable for some. Rugs.com is proud to offer affordable rug options for everyone, so don’t worry if you cannot find a traditional Moroccan rug in your price range. 


There are many machine-made affordable Moroccan-style rugs available on Rugs.com. If you are interested in an affordable shag rug, take a look at this Navy Blue 4’x6’ Moroccan Shag Rug. Comfortable, beautiful, and affordable, this Moroccan rug will not disappoint. There are hundreds of style options like this on Rugs.com if you want the impact of a Moroccan rug without the cost. 


Rugs.com makes customer satisfaction our number-one priority! That is why we offer free one-day shipping and free 30-day returns on all orders. Visit Rugs.com today!





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