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Exploring the Origins and Varieties of Natural Fiber Rugs.

Braided Rugs Offer Traditional Style and Historic Origins

If you’re looking for a durable, attractive rug with unique historical origins, you should consider a braided rug.

The braided rug came into popularity in early America when frugal settlers, who likely learned the method from Native Americans, began using rags from worn clothing to fashion into rugs. Since then, the style has been modernized and is suitable for more contemporary spaces

Today, you can still enjoy the history of braided rugs, but with modern designs, colors, shapes and styles for any décor.

Choosing the best braided rug for you begins with a bit of knowledge about its construction and material types. Braided rugs are constructed in various styles, including:

  • Cloth braid
  • Banded braid
  • Flat braid
  • Yarn braid

A cloth braid rug is the most traditional style. These rugs were made in colonial times when clothing was of no further use except as rags. Industrious settlers would cut or tear the old clothing into strips they could braid. With braids in hand, they’d then coil and stitch them into oval shapes to use as a floor covering. These rugs, like old, well-worn clothing, are often soft and variegated in color.

These traditional rugs have broad bands of braided material that create a thick rug. While an oval is the conventional shape, braided rugs could be coiled into any desired form. Different materials, too, impacted how the rug would look, feel, and take shape.

Fabrics and Construction Types

Today, there are many types of materials suitable. Different materials and types of construction have enabled rug makers to create braided rugs in various colors, textures, sizes, and patterns.

Two other common types include the flat braid and a yarn braid.

Flat Braid

A flat braid construction provides the thinnest rug and has less bulk than a traditional coil braid. Instead of coiling the braid, it is created by adding pieces to a center braid, keeping it thinner from center to end.

Yarn Braid

The middle option in thickness and density is a yarn braid. This braided rug is crafted similarly to crochet by using hooks and working the thick yarn in a continuous loop. This type of material allows for the greatest diversity in style and pattern. Like a crochet blanket or sweater, the designer can easily change colors, patterns and materials to create the desired look for this rug.

Modern manufacturers now make braided rugs in squares, circles, rectangles, and other shapes and patterns with these techniques.

Popular Materials

While early Americans may have used scraps from old clothing, today, creators use many different materials to craft the perfect look. With advanced processes, braided rugs are now being made in larger sizes to fit any room or area. Some of the most popular modern materials include jute, chindi and felt.


Kitchen Ryg

Jute is a popular natural grass-like fiber that is highly absorbent and best for low-traffic indoor areas such as under tables, seating areas or covered patios. This rug will give you a classic, natural look.


Chindi, made of recycled cotton, is an all-purpose rug with a durable look and feel. These rugs are typically the least expensive of other materials and styles yet are suitable as hallway runners, kitchens, and bathroom rugs.

Natural Fibers such as jute and chindi are highly absorbent and best used in dry, indoor areas.


Braided felt rugs come in a variety of colors and sizes. This fun rug is excellent for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or other areas where a soft, thick rug with more cushioning is needed or preferred.

Padding a Braided Rug

Most braided rugs are thick and durable as well as reversible because the pattern repeats on the backside. However, if you have tiled or wooded floors, you may also want to use a rug pad to prevent slippage and provide additional comfort underneath thinner-style rugs.

In Summary

Whichever material or braid style you choose, you’re going to get a highly durable, classic look with a revamped style to fit any space.

At rugs.com, we have various braided rugs in many styles, colors, braid types and fibers that will be the ideal accent to your décor. Now that you have some ideas, you’ll be able to make a great choice.

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