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Finding the Perfect Rug for your Entryway this Summer

Foyer Rugs for Summer


We use rugs in our homes for many reasons. There’s aesthetics, providing warmth and safety, and caring for our floors.


A foyer rug takes care of all three. It can be an addition to the beauty of your home, provide warmth to bare feet, keep us safe from slipping, and be a protection for our flooring.


During this summer, you count on a foyer rug to help protect loved ones, family, friends, and your floors when everyone is running in and out of the front door.


Keep reading, and we’ll give you more information on how a foyer rug can help you this summer.


Make Your Foyer Rug Seasonal

Your foyer rug can follow the seasons.  There’s no reason to have the same rug greeting people year-round.  Switching out your entryway rug is an inexpensive way to change the mood and feel of the area and your home.


Here are some descriptive words to describe seasons.  Think of these when selecting your foyer rug for summer.


Spring – blooming, blue skies, sun-kissed, enjoyable, and fluffy.

Summer – berries, breeze, dreamy, bright, and ocean.

Autumn/Fall – abundant, earthy, harvest, colorful, and flannel.

Winter – fireside, candy cane, brisk, cozy, and sunny.


Are you planning to have guests over this summer?  Maybe you plan to welcome them to a barbeque or for a swim.


I enjoy having people in my home, and I love welcoming them through my front door.  My foyer is my way of saying, “Hi and welcome to my home.”



A foyer rug is the first thing a guest sees upon entering your home. The color, shape, pattern, and material of your foyer rug say a lot about you and your style.


What to Consider When Decorating Your Foyer This Summer

Washable Rug

Maybe you need to spruce up an entryway, perhaps you have lots of people running through your front door this summer, or perhaps you want to change up the decor in your home. No matter what your reason, foyer rugs can help you make a small or big difference.


Your entryway is a focal point.  When guests come over for an evening barbeque, a swim, or dine al fresco, they come through your foyer.  Use the opportunity to make your entryway a way to welcome them.


Shapes – It is natural to think that a rug in our foyer should be rectangular like the space. Don’t let the form of your space dictate the shape of your rug.  Consider a square, round or oval shape to go in the foyer and complement the area.  A round or oval-shaped foyer rug can soften a rectangular space.


Colors and patterns – Choose a color or colors representing the season- pastels, gold, ocean, and berry colors, bright and bold.  Consider patterned rugs because they are suitable for hiding stains, and dirt tends to fade to the background.  At Rugs.com, we have many colors and patterns to choose from that scream, “Summer!”


The color and pattern you choose can represent the season and don’t have to dictate your home decor.


Pile – Consider a low to medium pile foyer rug.  These are suitable for trafficked areas like your foyer with people coming and going.


Material – When selecting a rug for your entryway, pick a durable rug that is stain-resistant and fade-resistant.  Synthetic fibers, polyester or polypropylene, are resilient because they are less likely to absorb water and other liquids, which means stains can’t sink in, and you can clean them up quickly.

Essential Tips For Your Summer Foyer Rug

  • Don’t forget to put down a rug pad. Without one, your foyer rug will move around and be a safety hazard.


  • When cleaning your rug, if you purchased a polypropylene or polyester rug, you can clean it. Because these materials are manufactured, they give you more latitude to scrub, although not too often.


  • Spot clean a stain immediately – use a white or light-colored cloth and a little gentle dish soap. Be sure to rinse the soap thoroughly with warm water.
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Wash your rug annually outside.


  • Give it a good washing with a power washer or a garden hose with a spray washer. Consider washing it at the end of the season before putting it away for next year.
  • You can even use a steam cleaner because manufactured material rugs can handle the heat.



Final Thoughts


It doesn’t take much to change up the mood and feeling of your home. How you accent it with a foyer rug can make all the difference.


As you move through July and August and towards the end of summer, consider having a little fun and lightheartedness with your decor.


Be sure to go to Rugs.com and check out some of our beautiful foyer rugs in the colors and patterns of summer.  Spruce up your entryway, welcome your guests with open arms, and enjoy the season!




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