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Eco-Friendly Rug

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Rugs Sourced with Recycled Materials

Did you know that you can decorate your home while supporting our planet?

Sustainability is an essential part of our product decisions and strategic planning for the floor coverings we sell.

Our commitment is to continue to reduce our company’s carbon footprint by providing you with eco-friendly options that enable us to keep our promise and support you in living your life authentically, in harmony with your beliefs, and in good health.


What is textile recycling, and why is it important?

Textile recycling is a process that uses old clothing and other textiles to make new goods. The method includes donations, collection, sorting, processing of the fabrics, and transportation to end-users of used materials. Textile recycling has become increasingly important as the demand for eco-friendly rugs become more popular.


Essential facts about recycled materials

By recycling textiles, we contribute to environmental benefits in the following ways:

  • Reduced consumption of energy and water
  • Lessened demand for dyes
  • Decreased landfill space requirements
  • Mitigating pollution


We are introducing four new recycled rug collections selected with the planet and your home in mind.


The Georgia Collection

(Recycled Cotton)

Georgia Rug

While not a new concept in the textile industry, recycled cotton has taken on new life to evaluate our supply chain earth-friendly footprint.


What is Recycled Cotton?

Recycling cotton is converting cotton fabric into cotton fiber that can be reused in textile products, thus making eco-friendly rugs!

There are many benefits to recycled cotton.

  • The process of recycling can divert many products from landfills. The waste, according to the Council for Textile Recycling, is estimated at 25 billion pounds.
  • Water, energy, and dye are reduced by using products that have already been processed.
  • Using existing materials can partially offset CO2 and fossil fuel emissions.


Our Georgia collection offers beautiful rugs in sizes 2 x 3 – 8 x 11.  We offer 7-8 ft. square, round, and octagon shapes, along with runners, 6 – 7 ft. and 8 – 9 ft.

Colors include taupe, dark gray, navy blue, ivory, black, and green, and our patterns will fulfill whatever eco-friendly rugs you want.

Recycled cotton is a great option.  It’s warm, easy to clean, and, as you can see, comes in many patterns and colors.


Sabrina Soto Casa Collection

(Recycled Cotton)

Sabrina Soto Rug

Sabrina Soto is an Interior Designer and HGTV TV Personality.  She is known for her eclectic way of mixing luxury and affordable pieces for a unique home aesthetic.  The collection from Sabrina Soto is also recycled cotton. She uses pinks, blues, greens, and yellows and adds a pile height of 1” to show depth and contrast.



Eco Southwestern Collection

(Recycled Space-Dyed Polyester)

Eco-Friendly Eco Southwestern rug

The Southwestern style is typically characterized by rocky textured, earth tones, and brightly colored fabric. Our Eco Southwestern rugs won’t disappoint.


Space dyeing is a process in which fabric is dyed along the entire strand length, which gives a marble effect on the fabric surface. For example, instead of one shade of gray applied to a strand, the manufacturer will dye the yarn in different areas, so when the rug is created, it will have 30+ shades of gray.


The space-dye effect gives these rugs a colorful, random, and unorganized design. If you’re looking to add multi-color earth tones and a multi-depth feel to your room, a space-dyed rug may be just right for you.


Eco Traditional

(Recycled Space-Dyed Polyester)

Eco-Friendly Eco Traditional Rug

The traditional rug definition is essentially a rug that falls into the major categories of Persian, Oriental, or another classic style. Many traditional rugs are ornate and have great detail in the fabric.


Our fabulous collection of Eco Traditional takes the traditional look and feel and combines it with the eco-friendly process of space dyeing.  If you appreciate the history of conventional rugs and want one while still supporting our planet, these Eco Traditional styles will ideally suit you.


A final thought

All of us can support our planet in many ways. Providing rugs sourced with recycled materials is one of our ways. If you want to continue supporting our planet and enjoy a beautiful rug for your home, consider one of the above collections.  You’ll have beauty and elegance while not harming our planet.


We want to see what you come up with, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @rugsdotcom with your favorite kids room rug pictures.

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