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Round Kitchen Rug

Think Outside the Box with Round Rugs!

So, you’re thinking about round rugs? They’re an exciting choice to break up the monotony in a square room and are an easy option to update your space and showcase your design prowess. By offsetting square furniture or complimenting round pieces, round rugs have a lot of merit for consideration.


Where to Use Round Rugs


Round rugs can be used in virtually any space that you would use a square rug. They bring an element of surprise and can even be a conversation piece. Here are a few placement ideas:


Kitchen or Dining Area

Dining Room Round RugOne of our favorite decor choices is to use a round rug under a round table to create visual balance. It creates immediate design appeal and brings the room together.


If you want to use a round rug under a round table, ensure that it’s large enough that the entire chair stays on the rug even when it’s pulled out. The standard is to ensure the rug extends 30 inches beyond the table.


A round rug could work under a square dining table too, just be sure it’s large enough so the shapes stay distinct from each other.


Entryway or Living Room

A round rug in an entryway sets the stage for the rest of the space. If you have ample room, you could place a circle console table on a circle rug for symmetry. Living rooms with curved or circular furniture can benefit from round rugs too. A round living room rug will look best if it isn’t touching any walls.



The bathroom is an ideal space to try something different and add a round rug as a bathmat. The trick is to make sure the bathroom rug has enough space so that it’s not touching any of the walls, or it could it look out of place.


Plus, a round rug in the bathroom with a plush rug pad underneath adds an element of coziness and keeps feet warm on cold tile floors.



A round rug with a cushy rug pad is a trendy design choice for a bedroom where it can fit partially under the bed. Likewise, a round rug is an excellent choice for more oversized bedrooms to create a separate section for a reading nook or seating area.


Patio or Outdoors

Round Rugs

Outdoor rugs can help define your space, add color and complete your look. Using round patio rugs outdoors will be attractive paired with a round table, fountain, or seating area. They also provide geometric intrigue if paired with a square table, large grill, or fireplace.


Design Tips for Round Rugs


  • Highlight round architecture. When the room is curved or has a circular doorway, window, or ceiling detail, a round rug creates harmony.


  • Emphasize curved objects such as a round chandelier, mirror, artwork, or furniture and showcase them to complement, unify, and make the whole room pop.


  • Make a small room look bigger. Designers use round rugs to redirect your eye and create visual interest. The circular shape also leaves corners open, making furniture appear more spaced out and, thus, the room bigger.


  • Create the appearance of sections by using round rugs to create furniture groupings and distinct zones for reading or offices. It’s an affordable way to make a multipurpose room.


  • Using a round rug over another rug to add design appeal, color, texture, or a pattern. (Think of animal rugs). The unexpected combination will give your room a more designed, artistic look.


However, or wherever you choose to use a round rug, there are possibilities to make it work for your space and budget. While most round rugs will be machine-made, we also offer a vast selection of round handmade rugs.


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Now that you have some ideas, you’ll be able to make a great choice. When you’re ready to see the variety of round rugs we have available, check out our collection at Rugs.com!

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