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Outdoor Rugs Are Great For Entertaining This Summer

It’s summer and the season of get-togethers.  Bar-b-ques with family and friends, outdoor living celebrating graduations, weddings, birthdays, and more!


Sprucing up your outdoor area gives you additional living space and entertaining space.  Outdoor rugs help spruce, adding softness and helping you create a beautiful environment.


You probably have events on your calendar. You might be thinking about how to make your outdoors an excellent place to entertain so your guests feel welcomed and comfortable while also protecting it from wear and tear.


Sure, you can add some patio furniture, a barbecue, and even a fire pit to add warmth, an area for cooking, and make an excellent space for guests, but you know what’s missing?  A rug to pull it all together, add a pop, and make a genuinely stylish outdoor living area.


We often overlook area rugs outside as a way to add color, make a seating area, conversational space, or an entertainment area.  An outdoor rug, just like an indoor one, brings definition to an area and can change the whole look ‘n feel that you want to promote.


Keep reading to find out:


  • The practical reasons for an outdoor rug
  • Tips for where to place your rug
  • How you can spruce up your outdoors with a beautiful rug


Outdoor rugs are a practical addition to your outdoors and make a stylish, inviting, and wonderful place to entertain.


What Are the Practical Reasons for an Outdoor Rug?


When planning your time outdoors and considering how to beautify it, consider a beautiful rug from Rugs.com.


There are three reasons to have an outdoor rug:


  • To add beauty to your outdoor living
  • To avoid slips and falls
  • To protect and prevent surface damage


If you have guests over, you want them to have a wonderful time while keeping them safe and, at the same time, protect your ground surface.


Check out our hundreds of styles of rugs to make your outdoor living space beautiful and protected as well.


Where Will You Place Your Outdoor Rugs?


Consider the surface you’ll be placing your rug on:


Grass – Placing a rug directly on grass is a way to trap moisture. Even if a rug is breathable, it will still be on wet ground, which will invite mold and mildew to grow. If you place your rug on the grass, consider putting down a temporary barrier such as tiles made of plastic or wood composite. These will serve as a base and help you keep your rug dry.


Wood-stained deck – After a rainfall, your rug could alter the surface of your deck. You can pull up the rug when it’s polyester (all our outdoor rugs are made of poly let it dry in the sun, and wash it with a bleach solution.


Steel – If your balcony or deck is metal (maybe you live in an urban area), use the click-lock tiles underneath the rug, just like our grass example.


*NOTE – Our rugs are constructed with a backing material of either polypropylene or another synthetic fiber so keeping them clean and mildew free is easy!


How Can Outdoor Rugs Spruce up Your outside Living?


  1. Consider using a runner – If you have walkways between your back door and the space you’re setting up, use a rug.  Walk spaces are usually neglected and can be quickly warmed up with one.  Runners are great for all “hallways,” whether inside or out, and are excellent ways to connect spaces, large and small.


  1. Use an oversized area rug – If you have a larger space that you want to appear a little smaller, so it’s more intimate for gatherings and conversations, use a large-scale rug to bring everything close.


  1. Place a colorful rug – No matter the size or shape of your space, adding color – bright hues makes space more fun, attractive, bright, and engaging.  Remember, no matter the area, color always wins!


  1. Define a conversational spaceuse a beautiful outdoor rug from rugs.com as the centerpiece with all your furniture around it.  Make a place for connection through conversation.


Final Thoughts


It’s a wonderful time to get outside and welcome our family and friends to our home. For some of us, it’s been a long time!

As you contemplate your outdoor living space and what you want it to be, make sure to include an elegant, charming, or fun rug to the area. Shop our endless selection of designer rugs at great prices. Discount Rugs. Lowest prices online.


Rugs.com always has you, your home and office decor, in mind.  We’re here to be of service and help you live the way you want.

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