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Bath Mats Matter

Are you looking to decorate for the first time or redecorate your bathroom?  From ancient Rome to the turn of the 20th century, bathrooms are still a focal point in our lives today. Bath Mats are a great addition to every bathroom.


They allow us to take care of our hygiene, our health and provide privacy and solace when we need it most.


Keep reading, and we’ll show you why they matter and introduce you to our exquisite line of Bano Bath Mat Rugs with cushioning and non-slip backing.


Why do bath mats matter?


Bath mats can arguably provide the essential feature of your bathroom.  They are very functional. They provide safety, style to add ambiance, comfort, and floor protection.


  1. Safety – Stepping on a wet floor is dangerous.  Bath mats provide an anti-slip surface when stepping onto a tile or hardwood floor when stepping out of the shower.   You don’t want anyone in your family or a guest to be hurt while in your bathroom.
  2. Comfort – Bathroom tile floors are cold and hard.  A soft bath mat adds softness and absorbency when standing, brushing your teeth, or toweling off after taking a shower or bath.
  3. Protection – Bath mats offer protection for your floor surfaces.  Bath mats absorb excess water and protect excess water from soaking into your floor, especially that space just outside your shower/tub where the water can sit.  Protecting your floors is a good practice to mitigate costly repairs or even replacement of your flooring.
  4. Style – A bath mat is a rug, and, like a rug, it can add to the decor of your bathroom.  You can select bath mats to tie into the room’s color and match your tiles and other linens.


Bathroom mats take care of so much in a room that we use a lot.  Keep reading and learn about our beautiful Bano Everyday and Luxe Mat Rugs.


Bano Everyday Bath Mat Rugs

Our beautiful everyday mats come in nine beautiful colors; Mustard, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Silver Gray, Baby Pink, Mocha Brown, Powder Blue, Snow White, and Taupe.  There’s a luscious color for any theme, any age, any gender, and every personal preference.


Bano Everyday Bath Mats

They are 1’6” x 2’ x 6” in size, come in a shag style with a yummy ½” pile, and the backing is a natural latex non-slip to take care of your family and friends’ safety.


Select from any one of these beautiful Bano Everyday Bath Mat colors to complete your bathroom and make it an excellent place to relax.


Bano Luxe Bath Mat Rugs


Much like the lovely Bano Everyday Bath Mats, the Bano Luxe Bath Mat offers six delightful colors to meet your preference; Iron Gray, Pewter Gray, Cotton Candy Pink, Mink, Porcelain White, and Dusty Blue.

Bano Luxe Bath Mats

While they are the same size with the same natural latex non-slip backing as the standard mat, they offer another ½” of shag style for a total of 1” cushioning and softness for your feet.


Check out our Bano Luxe Bath Mats and consider them for that extra luxury for your bathrooms. You’ll be glad you did.


Here are some helpful bath mat tips:

Keep your Bano Bath Mat clean

  • Keep it clean, so you feel good when stepping out of the shower.
  • Clean your bath mat once a week if only 1-2 people are using it.
  • Clean your bath mat more frequently if you have a family using it.
  • You may consider having enough bath mats to be without one when washing one.


How to clean and dry your Bano Bath Mat Rugs


  • Because our high-quality bath mats come with rubber backing, you must wash on a cold cycle. Hot water can deteriorate the rubber.  Of course, the gentle cycle will further protect the backing.


  • When drying, the mats will last longer if you hang dry them. Hanging them in a ventilated bathroom or even air-dry them in the sun is a great idea!


A Final Thought

Check out our beautiful bath mats for your home. Get all the softness and luxury in beautiful colors that will keep you safe, accent your bathrooms, and add to the ambiance of your home.

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