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How to Choose the Best Rug for Your Kitchen

Some people struggle with the question of whether to put a rug in their kitchen. They worry that the rug will get damaged by spills and stains, and they feel that having a rug in the kitchen simply is not worth the hassle. Let us make the answer easy for you: Yes! you should put a rug in your kitchen.

Placing a rug in your kitchen is a great way to add character and distinction to the heart of your home. Rugs can also compliment your kitchen space and protect your floors. Below, we will discuss a few factors that you should consider when choosing the best rug for your kitchen.

Think About Size

Kitchen Rugs

Take a good look at your kitchen and consider how much of the floor you want to cover with a rug. You should also think about where you want to put the rug and why. If all you need is a little cushioning for your feet while at the sink, then consider a hearth shaped rug that is thick and has a non-slip pad underneath it. If you need to protect a high-traffic area of your floor, then a Persian runner that can flow from the kitchen to an eating space or between an island and the stove is an excellent option.

The key to putting any type of rug in your kitchen is part utility and part aesthetic. Kitchen rugs should always have a rug pad underneath to protect floors and prevent slipping. If you place a runner in front of the stove or the sink, make sure to leave some floor exposed on either side. Not only does doing so add balance to the space, but it also makes moving the rug to mop or to clean up spills easier.

Create Looks with Shapes

Kitchen Rug

Kitchen rugs can be round, hearth, square, rectangular, or many other shapes. The most important thing to consider when choosing the shape of your kitchen rug is, what is it going to add to the overall look of your kitchen?

Hearth shaped rugs are typically used in front of a sink or stove to provide cushion in areas where people stand. Square or rectangular rugs offer versatility because they neatly fit in many areas of your kitchen and are shaped similarly as counter tops and tables.

Quality Matters

pile rug

Kitchens get a lot of traffic and use in the home. It is important to choose a kitchen rug that is well manufactured so that it will stand up to the wear and tear it will receive in the kitchen. It is also important to choose a rug that can stand up to stains and spills, and that is easy to clean.

Rugs designed for use outdoors can work well in the kitchen. They are made from stain-resistant materials that are easily cleaned and are durable. If you prefer more traditional rugs in your kitchen, such as a Persian runner like we mentioned earlier, make sure you understand how to care for the rug because it will be subject to wear and spills.

Adding a rug to your kitchen can give the space a nice upgrade that also protects your floors and your feet.

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*Note- Safety is of most importance. Be sure to have an anti-slip pad under your rug to prevent it from moving and slipping.

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