2' x 3' Ankara Rug

2' x 3' Ankara Rug


 2' x 3' Ankara Rug primary image
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
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2' x 3' Ankara Rug

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Color (Black and Blue)
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
 2' x 3' Ankara Rug
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Product Details

SKU #: 6269302

Size FT: 2' 0" x 3' 0"

62cm x 95cm

Primary color is Black and Blue.

Colors in this rug include: Black and Blue, Black, Light Blue.

Pile Material: 100% Polypropylene

Pile Height: 1/4" | Currently in stock

Made in: Turkey | Collection: Ankara

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Product Description

The Ankara collection presents a 2x3 area rug that merges traditional charm with modern durability. Machine woven from 100% polypropylene, this rug showcases a distressed black and blue pattern, intermixed with touches of light blue to create a visual depth that captures the eye. With a black and blue background, the intricate designs stand out, offering both aesthetic appeal and a timeless quality.

This stain-resistant and shed-free rug ensures easy maintenance and durability, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. The textured surface offers a comfortably soft underfoot experience, while the resilient material keeps the rug looking pristine over time.

The versatile color palette can harmonize with a variety of interior styles. In contemporary spaces, this rug can ground the room with a hint of classic design, while in more traditional settings, it complements existing furnishings and wood accents. It can be equally effective in accentuating minimalist decor or pairing with bolder patterns in eclectic designs.

Due to its compact size, this rug is well-suited for smaller areas such as entryways, home offices, or as an accent in living rooms. It could serve as a striking focal point amidst neutral decor or as a cohesive element within a color-coordinated room theme.

Stain Resistant
Stain Resistant

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