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Kids' Playroom and Nursery Rugs

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Kids Rugs

Not every rug needs to be grown-up! A vibrant kids rug is the best way to bring life to your children's playroom, nursery, or bedroom. Unlike the stuffy patterns of grown-up traditional rugs or the sleek look of modern rugs, nursery rugs make a point of being playful and fun. Their designs tend toward the imaginative, with bright colors and whimsical patterns like stripes and polka dots. Some will include novelty designs like cartoon animals, trains and planes, or educational elements like numbers and letters that help young minds grow.

One of the most important things to consider when buying kids rugs is the material and construction. Kids can be hard on things, so it's important to choose a rug that is up to the task. Polypropylene kids' rugs are extremely popular for this reason. Polypropylene is highly durable, colorfast and water resistant. This means it easily stands up to the high activity level of a kids room, and it's easy to clean when spills inevitably happen. Other popular materials like jute and wool offer a great blend of form and function, though often at a higher cost.

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