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6x9 to 7x10 Rugs

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Medium Sized Rugs

Rugs between 6x9 and 7x10 are the perfect size for almost any room of your home. Not too big and not too small, medium sized rugs are right in the "goldilocks zone" for small to medium sized living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

At Rugs.com, we have medium sized rugs to fit every style and mood. Create a chic and sophisticated modern living room with modern medium sized modern rug positioned with the front legs of your furniture on it and the back legs off. Class up your dining room with a traditional 7x10 rug centered under the table. Or, dial up the comfort levels with a luxurious 7x10 shag rug positioned under the bottom 2/3rds of the bed to give you something to sink your feet into when you wake up in the morning.

No matter your style, you'll find a rug to fit it at Rugs.com. We have thousands of rugs in stock for every room of your house. Browse our collection online and find your perfect rug today!