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The world of tribal rugs is vast and exciting. What we call "tribal rugs" are typically traditional rugs created by the nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples of Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) and central Asia. As these tribes began to settle down into villages, towns, and cities the definition has expanded to include any designs inspired by the traditions of those ancient tribes.

Unlike the intricate and floral designs commonly found in hand-knotted Oriental or Persian rugs, the tribal rugs on feature bold, geometric designs and beautiful natural materials and dyes. One of the most common styles of a tribal rug is the Kilim. In this style, artisans tightly weave brightly colored strands into striking geometric patterns. Typically, these are flatweave rugs, meaning the density of the rug's fibers are short or have low pile height.

Despite their long history, tribal rugs can fit right in with contemporary décor. The geometric patterns commonly found in tribal rugs perfectly complement the sleek design of modern furniture. Meanwhile, the natural materials can give even the most contemporary homes a rustic feel. Regardless of the look you are going for, there is a beautiful tribal rug for you on Browse our collection to find your perfect rug!

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