Living Room Rugs

Living Room Rugs

Perhaps more than anywhere else, your living room showcases your style. Whether your living room is used for entertainment, snuggling on the couch, or a more formal setting, the furniture and décor you choose to include in it says a lot about who you are. Make a dramatic statement in your living room or den with a beautiful, room-sized area rug.

When choosing a living room rug, carefully consider both how you use the space and your budget. While the living room is a space for comfort, it can also see relatively heavy traffic. For this reason, it's a good idea to choose a rug with a low to medium pileshag rugs will wear out quickly and be hard to clean. When it comes to sizing, keep in mind that larger rugs tend to make rooms look bigger. Keeping 18 to 20 inches of bare floor visible, you should buy the largest rug that your space (and your budget) will allow.

At, we have thousands of living room rugs available in every size and style. No matter how you use your living room, you'll find a rug for you. Browse our collection and find your perfect rug today!

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