6x9 Rugs

6x9 Rugs

6x9 rugs are the perfect way to pull together a small living room or dining room. Being on the small side of what are considered "large rugs," 6x9 rugs are extremely versatile and work just as well as centerpieces as they do accent pieces.

While a 6x9 living room rug may be slightly on the small side for most seating areas, it can still serve a small room well as a budget option. Or, if your room is large enough, it can be layered with an oversized natural rug for extra texture. A 6x9 bedroom rug is also a great choice for full or twin-sized beds to give your feet a soft place to land in the morning.

No matter your style, you'll find a rug to fit it at We have thousands of rugs in stock for every room of your house. Browse our collection online and find your perfect 6x9 rug today!

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