Border Rugs

Border Area Rugs

"Border rugs" is a large category covering a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Really, it can refer to any rug design that incorporates a border along the outside edge. These rugs look best in dining rooms, placed under the table. The border acts like a picture frame, bringing polish and order to the arrangement of the room. Similarly, bordered rugs can look great in open concept living rooms. Here, the border helps to create a visual boundary separating living and dining spaces.

Borders are most commonly found in more formal designs inspired by Persian and Oriental rugs. These rugs typically have wide borders with elegant floral or trellis designs. However, modern and contemporary rugs often include borders as well. These are usually narrower than those found on traditional rugs, often in solid colors or simple, striped patterns. While the border is typically a purely aesthetic addition, and made from the same material as the rest of the rug, they are occasionally functional as well. Rugs made with natural materials like sisal rugs, for example, will often feature a slim border of cotton or wool that prevents fraying in addition to looking great.

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