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Traditional Rugs

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Traditional Rugs

Despite the growing popularity of more casual, modern rug designs, traditional rugs remain a staple of interior design. Compared to modern rugs, traditional rugs employ more elegant designs. Typically modeled after the intricate designs of hand-knotted Persian and Oriental rugs, they typically include large medallions, borders, floral motifs, and detailed lattices. The rich colors, designs, and textures found in a traditional rug create a sense of sophistication wherever they are displayed.

Growing trends of vintage and overdyed rugs have led to an increasing popularity of more traditional patterns. Old, worn-down rugs are given new life through a process of shearing, bleaching, and re-dying. The process does not eliminate the original pattern. Instead, it's reduced to an outline that stands out against the bright overdyed colors. The result is a beautiful statement piece that blends old and new. Vintage and overdyed rugs fit in seamlessly with contemporary, casual d├ęcor. The distressed, "lived-in" look makes them a perfect fit for boho and shabby chic styles.

People tend to believe that traditional rugs are out of reach for most, but that's not the case at Rugs.com! While some will still opt for expensive hand-knotted rugs, modern manufacturing and synthetic materials like polypropylene have made traditional designs accessible to everyone.

Rugs.com has thousands of rugs in stock to fit every budget and style. Browse our collection to find the perfect traditional rug for your home!