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Abstract Rugs

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Abstract Area Rugs

Your home should be just as interesting as you are! While the formal patterns of traditional rugs are certainly classic, some people may find them too stuffy.not everyone finds them appealing. For these folks, an abstract rug brings a much-needed casual atmosphere and with an artistic panache to a room.

The abstract rugs at Rugs.com tend to avoid the regular patterns you would find in a contemporary geometric rug. An What an aabstract rug depicts design isis often up to interpretation and can change depending on who is looking at it and the experiences they have hadhow. Abstract rugs rely on color, texture, and asymmetric designs to bring visual interest to a the space and set the mood of a the room. Cool colors like gray, blue, and green can evoke water or distant storm clouds for a calm, sophisticated look. Meanwhile, warm palettes with reds, yellows, and oranges can bring excitement or give a room a cozy feeling by reminding visitors of autumn leaves or roaring campfires. Abstract rugs are also design chameleons. Unlike other styles of contemporary rugs, abstract rugs are neither formal nor casual. They can work just as well with traditional furniture as they do with modern or Scandinavian designs.

Whatever style you are aiming for, there is an abstract rug for you. At Rugs.com, we carry thousands of abstract rugs in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Whether you are looking to brighten a kids' room with a loud colors and funky designs or create a soothing, gallery-like atmosphere in your living room, Rugs.com hasthere is an abstract rug for your home.