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Flatweave Rugs

While the plush feeling of a high-pile shag rug is tough to beat, it's not always appropriate for every room. In these cases, a flatweave or dhurrie rug might better fit the bill. Unlike with other styles of rug, there are no knots to create a pile. Instead, the fibers running the length and width of the rug make up the entire surface. The result is an extremely versatile, durable, and inexpensive floor covering that can work with just about any décor.

The flatweave rug designs on run the gamut from traditional and tribal to modern and contemporary. Because there is no pile, cleanup is a breeze. In most cases, spills can simply be dabbed with a clean cloth and debris easily swept away. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for casual rooms with high amounts of foot traffic like a living room or kids' room. Bold geometric and tribal designs like those found in kilim rugs can also be great additions to more formal rooms looking to create a more global atmosphere. Meanwhile, natural fiber rugs like sisal rugs create an attractive rustic mood whether they are inside or outside on a patio or deck.

Regardless of the style you are going for, has a rug for you. With thousands of rugs in our online store, we have flatweave and dhurrie rugs to fit every style and mood. Browse our collection to find the perfect new rug for your home!

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