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Kilim, Dhurrie and Soumak rugs

Despite technically being traditional styles, kilim, dhurrie, and soumak rugs will fit right in to your contemporary or modern home. These handwoven rugs bring an undeniable global charm to any room they're in.

The word "kilim" is of Turkish origin. While it technically refers to a specific style of tribal rug from that region, the word's meaning has expanded to include handmade flatweave rugs from all over the world, including dhurries and soumak rugs. As flatweave rugs, kilims have no pile. This style of rug weaving tends to be much faster, and therefore cheaper, to make than other Oriental rugs which are typically hand knotted. Because they have no pile, kilims and other flatweave rugs also tend to be extremely strong and easy to maintain, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like living rooms or hallways. Kilim designs can vary widely, with different tribes and individual weavers bringing their own flair to their art, but commonly include bold geometric patterns that are just as at home in modern and southwestern styles as they are with more traditional décor. has hundreds of kilim, dhurrie, and soumak rugs in stock in every size and style. Whether your style is traditional, bohemian, or starkly modern, there's a flatweave tribal rug for you. Browse our collection online to find the perfect kilim rug for your home.

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