Checkered Rugs

Checkered Area Rugs

If you're looking for a bold, geometric rug in a classic style, a checkered rug from might be what you are looking for. At its core, a checkered pattern is pretty simple—a series of squares in alternating colors covers the whole rug. Despite the simplicity of their design, checkered rugs are far from boring! That basic framework can be approached with endless variations to fit almost any style.

The checkered rugs at run the gamut from traditional to contemporary styles. For a more sophisticated style, you might opt for a Moroccan-inspired trellis rug. For a more modern feel, consider a contemporary checkered rug in bright, bold colors. If you'd rather have a more earthy look, browse our collection of Gabbeh.

Whatever look you are going for, has the rug for you. Browse our extensive collection of checkered rugs to find the perfect one for your home.