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How to Hang an Area Rug on Your Wall

If you have an area rug that you love, but don’t want to walk on, consider hanging it on the wall as a unique and eye-catching piece of decor. Not only can this add color and texture to your room, but it can also protect the rug from wear and tear. Follow these steps when hanging an area rug on the wall.

  1. Choose the Right Spot

Before hanging your rug, decide where you want to display it. Choose a spot that is visible and complements the rug’s colors and design. Consider hanging it above a sofa or bed, or in a hallway or foyer.

2. Choose the Right Hardware

The right hardware is key to successfully hanging an area rug on the wall. You will need a rod or dowel that is slightly wider than the rug, as well as brackets or hooks to hold the rod in place. Choose hardware that is sturdy and able to support the weight of the rug.

3. Attach the Hardware

Attach the brackets or hooks to the wall at the desired height, making sure they are level. Insert the rod or dowel through the brackets or hooks. Depending on the size of your rug, you may need to use more than one bracket or hook to support the weight of the rod.

4. Hang the Rug

Once the hardware is in place, it’s time to hang the rug. Fold the rug in half lengthwise, with the back facing out. Drape the folded rug over the rod or dowel, with the top of the rug facing down. Adjust the rug so that it is centered and hanging straight. Smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the rug.

5. Secure the Rug

To keep the rug in place, you can use a few simple tricks. You can use fabric adhesive or velcro strips to attach the top of the rug to the wall, or you can use small nails or tacks to secure the rug to the wall.

In conclusion, hanging an area rug on the wall is a great way to showcase its beauty and add visual interest to your space. By following these steps, you can easily and securely hang your rug on the wall and create a unique and stunning focal point in any room. 

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