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The New Rug Owner’s FAQ

If you’ve never bought a rug online before, it can be a little nerve-wracking. Let us put your fears to rest! Whether you just received your new rug or haven’t pulled the trigger yet and just want to know what to expect, this new rug FAQ and guide will help you make the most of your investment for years to come.

Are creases normal in new rugs?

Our larger rugs are often shipped folded to aid with fast and easy shipping. As a result, noticeable lines or creases are common in new rugs. This is completely normal, and the creases should become less noticeable over time as the rug settles. You can expedite this process by making sure the rug is properly set up as soon as it arrives.

How do I set up my new rug?

Depending on the material of the rug and severity of the fold, it could take days or weeks for the rug to completely settle. To help it along, you can:

  • Remove it from its packing and unfold it as soon as possible.
  • Fold the rug in the opposite direction of its current folds.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the rug once it is unfolded.
  • Place heavy furniture on top of the rug and walk across it as normal.

How do I clean my new rug?

For small spills, the key is to move quickly. Remove any solid debris first, then soak up any liquids with a clean cloth. Blot the spill—don’t wipe or scrub! Treat the area with an all-purpose carpet cleaner like Uni-Cleaner to remove any remaining stains.

For bigger jobs, check out our comprehensive guide on rug cleaning.

Can I put my rug in a washing machine?

Short answer—probably not.

Most machine-made rugs, including most of what you’ll find at Rugs.com, have a jute foundation. Jute is an extremely absorbent natural plant fiber. If it gets too wet, it will be difficult to dry completely. This could lead to problems with mold and mildew. Additionally, the augur of a washing  machine could damage the rug.

While some materials like cotton and wool are safe to put in a washing machine, we recommend avoiding this all together unless you are confident your machine will not damage your rug.

How often should I vacuum my rug?

Regularly vacuuming your rug is an important part of keeping it looking great. How often you vacuum depends on largely on the material of your rug and how much traffic it sees. For most rugs, vacuuming every 1 to 2 weeks will be sufficient. In high-traffic areas, you may want to vacuum up to twice a day.

When vacuuming your rug (especially high-pile and shag rugs) you should turn the beater bar off to avoid damaging the pile. You can also keep your rug smelling fresh by sprinkling baking soda on the surface before vacuuming to neutralize odors.

Is it normal for my rug to shed?

Within the first few weeks, it is perfectly normal for a new rug to shed, with some materials being more prone to shedding than others. If your rug is shedding, you may want to vacuum a little more often (with the beater bar off!) until the shedding stops or slows.

I noticed a loose loop in the pile of my rug. What should I do?

This phenomenon is called “sprouting” and is normal and not a defect. You’ll usually start to see it happen as you walk on the rug and it begins to settle and stretch. If your rug starts sprouting, do not pull at the loose loops! Simply cutting the loop to be level with the surface of the pile should be enough to fix the problem.

How do I deal with pile crush or indentations?

Indentations develop when furniture sits on a rug for an extended time. This is especially true in high pile and shag rugs. In most cases, you can deal with these by rubbing the indented area with a coin or by gently moistening the area with a steamer. We also recommend rotating your rugs every 4 to 6 months to ensure even wear and limit the ability of indentations to form.

Why do some areas of my rug look darker than others?

The dark areas you are seeing are known as “shading” or “watermarking.” They are caused by a slight change in direction of the pile that causes light to reflect differently than it does on the surrounding areas. This is an inherent characteristic of almost all pile rugs and is not considered a defect.

I love my new rug! Where can I show it off?

We’re happy you’re happy! If you want to show off your new rug with the world, share a picture of it on an Instagram post or story and tag our profile @rugsdotcom to be featured on our feed! We also have some really fun Rugs.com GIFs to dress up Instagram story if you feel like getting creative!

I’m ready to buy another rug! Where do I start?

Great! If you’re looking for some advice, check out our comprehensive guide on finding a rug for every room. There, you’ll find general advice on rug placement, sizing, and materials to make your decision easier.

When you’re ready to make your next purchase, look no further than Rugs.com! We have thousands of rugs in hundreds of styles. Whether you are looking for a new rug in another room of your house or just want to change up your style, you’ll find the perfect rug in our online collection. And now that you’re armed with this new rug FAQ, you’ll know exactly what to expect!

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