2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug

2' 9 x 4' 2 Hand Knotted Kazak Rug


 2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug primary image
 2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug
 2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug
 2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug
 2' 9 x 4' 2  Hand Knotted Kazak Rug
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2' 9 x 4' 2 Hand Knotted Kazak Rug

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Product Details

SKU #: 5088068

Size FT: 2' 9" x 4' 2"

85cm x 127cm

Primary color is Red.

Colors in this rug include: Red, Blue, Brown, Ivory, Navy Blue, Green. 100% vegetable dyes.

, Vegetable-dyed

Pile Material: 100% Hand Spun Wool

Pile Height: 1/3"

Made in: Pakistan | Collection: Kazak

Construction: Hand Knotted

100 knots per square inch.

In Excellent condition

All of our hand-knotted rugs are professionally washed and treated. All rugs are individually inspected before leaving our warehouse.

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Product Description

The Kazak collection presents a 3x4 hand-knotted rug that embodies the traditional aesthetic with a vibrant and dynamic pattern. This piece features a bold red background, providing a warm and inviting foundation for the intricate motifs that embellish its surface. The pattern includes geometric and stylized floral elements in a harmonious array of colors such as blue, brown, ivory, navy blue, and green, offering a rich visual tapestry that captures attention and draws the eye.

The use of 100% hand-spun wool not only speaks to the quality and durability of the rug but also contributes to its texture, imparting a sense of depth and tactile appeal that enhances the overall experience. The hand-knotted construction ensures that each knot is tied with care, resulting in a piece that can withstand the demands of daily life while retaining its aesthetic charm.

This Kazak rug, with its classical design and robust palette, would complement a variety of decor scenarios. It would fit seamlessly in spaces that admire traditional decor, such as a formal living room or dining area. Additionally, it can serve as a statement piece in a more contemporary setting, where it would provide a striking contrast to minimalist furnishings, or in an eclectic interior where it can be part of a rich mix of textures and patterns that characterize such spaces. Its dimensions make it versatile for use in small to medium-sized rooms, or even as a sophisticated touch in an intimate space like an office or reading nook.