5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug

5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug


 5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug primary image
 5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug
 5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug
 5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug
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5' 1 x 8' 1 Cowhide Leather Rug

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Product Details

SKU #: 5480738

Size FT: 5' 1" x 8' 1"

155cm x 245cm

Primary color is Yellow.

Colors in this rug include: Yellow, Beige, Black, Brown, Ivory.

Pile Material: Cowhide & Leather

Pile Height: 1/6"

Made in: India | Collection: Cowhide Leather

Construction: Hand Made

In Excellent condition

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Product Description

This Cowhide Leather rug presents a multitude of natural hues, including yellow, beige, black, brown, and ivory, with a dominant yellow background that adds warmth to the overall design. The patchwork pattern showcases the organic shapes and varied tones that are characteristic of genuine cowhide, giving it a textured appearance that can only come from hand-crafted materials.

The pattern comprises an array of cowhide pieces stitched together to form a mosaic that celebrates the uniqueness of each fragment. The tactile surface of this 5x8 piece offers an inviting feel underfoot, which is further accentuated by the inherent softness and durability of leather.

This Cowhide Leather rug would be adept at complementing interiors that aim to evoke a sense of natural elegance. It would sit well in a rustic d├ęcor, against the backdrop of earth tones and natural materials. Equally, in a contemporary setting, it could serve as an accent piece that adds character and warmth. Its rich texture and color scheme make it versatile for various interior design styles, from modern minimalist to bohemian chic. The rug's robust construction and intriguing visual appeal make it a central piece for a living room, study, or an upscale boutique space.