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2' 2 x 4' Doormat

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Product Details

SKU #: 6296010

Size FT: 2' 2" x 4' 0"

65cm x 122cm

Primary color is Blue.

Colors in this product include: Blue, Beige, Green, Ivory, Navy Blue, Red.

Pile Material: 100% Natural Coir

Made in: Turkey | Collection: Doormat

Product Description

Make a stylish and eco-friendly statement with our door mat collection. Featuring multiple designs, messages, and vibrant pigmented illustrations - each one is sure to style up your home d├ęcor. Handcrafted from all-natural shed-free coconut coir fiber material, not only are these mats attractive but they are also highly functional for trapping dirt and debris at every entry point into your home or business. With piles perfect for trapping moisture in addition to dirt and particles, you can feel good knowing that these doormats will help keep your floors clean while providing excellent protection indoors or outdoors. Additionally, they offer seasonal designs to match any special occasion decorating needs along with holiday pattern options too! Plus it's easy to keep them looking neat since they're so simple just sweep or blow the dust off when needed!