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Throw Rugs and Accent Rugs: The Perfect Partners for Tricky Spaces

You can get pretty far with most rug sizing guides, but they do have their limits. Most are written with standard sized rugs and big, rectangular rooms in mind. But what if you are trying to decorate in a trickier spot like a small galley kitchen, a narrow walkway behind the couch, or an irregularly shaped alcove? Enter throw rugs and accent rugs: the perfect unconventional décor to fill these unconventional spaces.

What are Throw Rugs?

While some people’s definitions will vary, the idea is fairly simple (and maybe even obvious). A throw rug is a very small rug, no bigger than about 3ft x 5ft. Because of their small size, these rugs can easily be picked up, and moved. Feel free to “throw” one into whatever corner or space you need some extra comfort.

When many people think of throw rugs, they also imagine a braided or flatweave rug that is more blanket-like than carpet-like. Bonus points if it’s machine washable for easy maintenance. This distinguishes throws from “accent rugs” which are typically small versions of traditional pile rugs.

Advantages of Throw Rugs and Accent Rugs

Throws and accent rugs are surprisingly flexible, in large part thanks to their small size. These pint-sized powerhouses of design are perfect for places where traditional area rugs just wouldn’t fit. Entryways and narrow passages are obvious homes, but not the only places should consider them! Accent rugs can also be used to great effect in larger rooms. Use one to showcase a specific area or piece of furniture or to add a splash of extra color with layering.

layered vintage rugs

Blanket-like throw rugs are especially versatile. Lightweight and pliable, these rugs are easy to pick up and move around. You can use a single rug to decorate multiple areas as needed. Or, if you like to switch things up, you can easily fold and store multiple small throw rugs. That way you’ll always have the perfect piece to fit your mood.

You might even choose to fold your throw and display it like you would a blanket, draped over a couch or the foot of your bed. That means even more style options and the ability to shift warmth around to the places you need it most.

Finally, we should point out most throw rugs (including the ones we sell!) are made from all-natural, machine washable cotton. Always check the label first, but if this applies to your throw, feel free to just chuck in the washing machine when its dirty! On the other hand, if your rug is not washable, we have a whole guide on how to clean most types of rugs you might want to check out!

A Word of Caution

Unfortunately, throws come with their own disadvantages too. Because they are so small and lightweight, throws are even more likely to slip when stepped on. This can be a major hazard, with serious health consequences.

Non-slip rug pad

If you are using throw rugs in your home, always use caution when stepping on them. If you are displaying a throw on the ground for any extended period of time, consider buying a rug pad or anchors to keep your rug from sliding around.

Our Favorite Throw Rugs

Often called “rag rugs”, chindi rugs are commonly made from recycled cotton that is soft and easy to clean. In this way, they give new life to materials that might otherwise be discarded.  

At Rugs.com, we have a large variety of chindi rugs in multiple colors and designs to fit your decor. While these sorts of rugs are particularly suited to smaller, throw-worthy sizes, if you really love the style, we also have them available in sizes up to 9’ x 12’ so you can find the perfect size to fit your room!

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