2x3 to 3x5 Rugs

Small Rugs

The strength of small rugs lies in their versatility. Their small size lets them fit in almost anywhere, but they really shine as accent pieces or in entryways. As accent pieces, rugs between 2x3 and 3x5 are a great way to showcase your style without overpowering your space. The right small rug can bring your home to life with a splash of texture and color in a space where it wouldn't normally be possible.

The small kitchen rugs at are perfect in breakfast nooks or under small kitchen tables. Small entryway rugs are a popular choice for foyers or mudrooms to introduce your style and keep dirt out of the rest of your home. Or, place a small outdoor rug on your patio or deck to keep dirt out before it ever gets indoors.

No matter your style, you'll find a rug to fit it at We have thousands of rugs in stock for every room of your house. Browse our collection online and find your perfect small rug today!