4x8 to 5x8 Rugs

Medium Sized Rugs

Rugs between 4x6 and 5x8 are some of the most popular thanks to their versatility. Small enough for a tight space but still big enough to make an impact, medium sized rugs are the perfect accent pieces. Perfect in bedrooms, under small dining room tables, in large entryways and foyers or any other medium-sized space that needs a little more comfort, texture and style.

A rug between 4x6 and 5x8 can be used in a smaller living room with all the legs of your furniture positioned off of it, or in a larger room when layered on top of an oversized natural rug. Where they really shine, however, is under a small dining table in a breakfast nook or kitchen, or as the centerpiece to an entryway or foyer. In these spaces, they create a dramatic impact, bringing softness and texture to spaces that often lack it.

Whether you're looking for something to bring together your breakfast nook or something soft for your bedside, you can find it at Our online collection is home to thousands of rugs in hundreds of styles. It's easy to find the perfect medium sized rug for your home.