9x12 to 10x13 Rugs

Large Rugs

Rugs between 9x12 and 10x13 make a dramatic impact in any room they're in. A popular choice, 9x12 rugs are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms where an 8x10 rug ends up looking just a bit too small. Meanwhile, 10x13 rugs are large enough to fill most large rooms and provide enough space for all four legs of all your furniture to be placed on top.

At this size, the rug will easily fill small to medium sized rooms. In a bedroom, you can use a large rug rug to frame a king- or queen-sized bed, placing all 4 legs on top. Rugs between 9x12 and 10x13 will also easily accommodate most dining room tables with 6 to 8 chairs. In an open concept living room, large rugs are able to accommodate all your furniture in a floating layout, creating a striking visual boundary around the seating area.

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